Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Portal of Change

Act, don't react.

We live in a portal of change.

Our collective energy collides around the world. It's impossible to comprehend, yet natural to feel. 

Inside the portal is the adventure. It's often challenging. Turn reactions into action for humanity.  Concentrate on being rational and ethical. Go easy on yourself. 

To navigate challenges,  think for yourself.  Personal honor matters. Share that power by being it. Moral compromise is never an option. There’s always a hidden price to pay. 

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's dream. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. #stevejobs

Survival is a decision.

Inner power to thrive with change is updated and balanced by what we sense is happening. How you think controls whether you succeed. Think outside the box. Frustration is a call to take decisive action. Every action makes a difference. Take a stand for dignity and compassion.

Life isn't always the way it's 'supposed to be.'  Stress creates blind alleys. Navigating the economy, politics and our own happiness means removing blinders of dogma and fear. Curiosity and patience are strategies for survival.

A gut feeling doesn't come from your head. It comes from your soul to clear thoughts and refresh connections with purpose. Use common sense. Keep the big picture in focus, and change gets smoother.

Escape the system.

Intuitive strategies like courage and dignity enforce our power to break down mindsets from the past.  Our inner light is always looking for light. We all have dreams.

In the portal of change working together to bring an ethical transition is how we will experience the end of an amazing era and usher in a healthier new beginning. The past is history. 

Don't be manipulated by politics or media. Anger, fear and resentment are traps. These make life blurry. Dignity and self-respect  are in your heart. You are in control of you. Vision comes from the light you allow inside.

Corruption is the abuse of human freedom. Inertia and indifference enable it. Satisfaction happens when we stay real, face life and work together. Creating the future is a group effort to move forward with a plan, an open perspective and a single goal. We all need security.

Empathy makes life beautiful.

Survivors always turn a bad situation into a tool for change. Make a personal commitment to empathy. Sense the mutual raw humanity that connects us. Courage and dignity are contagious.  

Uncover your intuitive strategies. Use empathy to sense openings and connections. Control is noticing everything changes. Be aware of traps and corruption, so we don’t relapse and let corrupt history repeat.  Work with possibilities you sense to move forward safely. 

Balance, values and personal priorities connect with lucid living and transcendence. Even simple choices have a ripple effect. Respecting life brings a sense of well-being to the present. It's  human to thrive through inevitable contradictions of social evolution. 

Personal honor.

Personal honor and dignity empower us to care. Lean into the light and be strong. Believe in the always present voice of your soul. Love.

The nudge of intuition is your survival strategy. There’s always a reason. It’s always about some kind of balance. Empathy overcomes inertia and indifference. Stay connected.

Life is a wild dance. Balance is the metronome of living that fans the flame of courage inside your heart. You can take care of yourself.