Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Be The Change.

Change is a natural fact of living. That doesn't mean we understand it. A lot of what we don't understand, we accept, such as, how people are born or that the ocean is salty, or having a bad night's sleep or getting a broken heart.

We know, at our core, we can control just one thing - our own thoughts. That's why the only way to change things is by changing how we think. We can be the change.

Fighting new ideas puts us back to where we were before the change began. Then, we have to begin again to relearn what has already been learned. This is how devastating cycles happen in our world. It's a drag. We can stop this by evolving with change, that is: evolving our minds and ourselves so that we think differently.

Sensing values guides wise choices. It makes sense to go with change that  takes advantage of technical and social  evolution of our times.  Noticing what we sense refocuses our energy.  

Sensing is transparentThis makes it easy to be relaxed and clear about the bigger picture

Sensual thinking brings insights that drive positive change.  Be the change.

We can either fight change or learn from it. Changes happen because it's natural for us to evolve.  Fighting change, because we're afraid of it, comfortable or satisfied with where we are, is arrogant and ultimately self-defeating.

Change brings new possibilities, new potential and new answers. Think with your senses and trust your heart..  Instead of fighting change, unwind your mind.  Sense purpose and self-respect.

Courage and Dignity keep us true to ourselves. It's liberating and answers come. We're ready to uncover enduring new solutions for old problems.. It's our time.