Saturday, October 31, 2015


Temptation is a tease. 

Photograph by Giuseppe Bovo

You are stronger than temptation. 

Think with your eyes, listen with your heart. Depend on courage, dignity and curiosity to stay tuned to what matters. When you feel the pull of temptation, talk less and sense more. 

We are surrounded by temptation. It's a seductive urge that drives us to ignore self-respect. The more we notice it, the more demanding it gets. The pressure of temptation pushes us to jump to conclusions or squander the future.

Self-respect is sensual reasoning that is in tune with what is genuine in the moment. Sensing what feels right highlights soul values like love, loyalty and justice that satisfy soul passions.

Be sensual. Resist temptation that makes you feel bad about yourself.

Temptation creates emotional illusions that defy common sense. The opportunity to lose weight, have a great love affair or start over, can be heightened or destroyed by temptation.  Don't gamble against self-respect. 

Temptation rushes timing and as a result, opportunities collapse. When a struggle with desire is a battle with timing, we forget what matters.  Sensing what's real renews easy connections with timing and perspective

Temptation highlights desires in the moment that are fleeting. Curiosity is the intuitive way we stay tuned to the bigger picture. Sensing what feels right  brings natural insights that show best timing for comfort, satisfaction and achieving dreams.

Question the tease of temptation. Think with your senses and feel with your mind by noticing what you notice.  Consider your insights and timing. Trust temptation that takes you to your highest potential.

Sensing your values is the intuitive nudge to be loyal to heart and soul passions. This kind of self- respect is the foundation for happiness. Make choices that feel right to stay in-tune with the pace of life momentum

Doing the right thing syncs with timing that brings peace of mind. Self-respect more powerful and important than temptation. Stay in-tune with your spirit.

You are part of reality. Take the challenge to overcome resistance to re-think or have to re-learn what appears to be facts. Ask yourself, what are you doing today that's accepting a reality that doesn't exist?


Saturday, October 24, 2015


Touch is cosmic love that we crave. 

It is food for the soul. Everything important must be felt. We are born hungry for the touch of freedom, healing, justice, love and peace. Sensual thinking is the multidimensional way to satisfy appetites for communication and understanding. It is how we connect with love.  

Touching and feeling are the transcendent sparkle of Life. Multidimensional powers of touch defy description - erotic, sensational, ticklish, reassuring, invasive, relaxing – touch is infinite. Because you are sensual, everything touches. Inside your heart, intuitive values resonate with calm understanding. Disrespect feels like a slap in the face. The light of good shines through everyone. The touch of freedom is a friendly gust of joy. Romance is awesome feelings that awaken dreams and Destiny. A sexual touch tunes to rituals of Loving. Loving, values, romance and destiny all bloom with intuitive insights.

With eyes, ears and hands, touch and technology instantly we tune our moments - with sensual thinking. My iPad only responds only to a light touch. If I'm rough, it ignores me. Have you ever been in a relationship like that? Technology trains us to relate with sensuality. 

It's the sensitive touch that teases open every kind of potential. Sensuality uncovers change, and dissolves limits in our lives. A light touch easily unlocks clearer connections so that we know answers and follow our dreams. 

Personal priorities and global links are defined through what we sense. With infinite touches, we know we are part of something bigger. The peak experience is wonder and peace. It’s easy to reach for the touch of love with eyes, lips, heart, skin, mind and voice. Take a moment to inhale this freedom into your life. Go for peak living.

We are created by love and so naturally turn to love to evolve. We crave its openings to know ourselves and each other better. Who hasn't stared at the moon with yearning or been hungry for love and understanding? The touch of starlight is real. Sense the touch of simple cosmic connections with justice, freedom, peace and healing that amazingly unify humanity. All we need is love. Our most powerful connections are simple.  

Curiosity, courage, dignity and patience touch us -- and we need to respond with the touch of self-respect and presence. Stay in-tune with the touch of communication. Notice what you sense to feel balance and purpose. If we ignore our senses, we lose perspective and direction. Bad things happen.

Life blossoms with gentle stroking. One thing leads to another. Feeling and touch inspire creativity and passion. Touch fuels dreams. Feel what is right. Respond with dignity, courage and curiosity and good things come together. #End Famine

We are multidimensional. Something can touch you and change your life, but your heart will be the same. Your soul will be the same.  Think sensually to stay in rhythm with your heart. Sometimes, Life is a touch. Listen for it.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Denying Tribalism

Be part of the light. It's a wonderful place to be. 
Photo by Giuseppe Bovo 

Prejudice promoted by tribalism is the leading isolating, destructive force in our world. Arrogance and violence are its hallmarks. By acting intuitively and thinking sensually, we can deny tribalism in our environment.

Belief systems around us are crumbling. Yet, our global sense of spiritual and technical connection has never been stronger. The future is ours to create.

Times of change always reveal the best and worst in society. Be the best. Nothing can stop you from choosing dignity over hostility. 

Tribalism is poison that turns hearts to stone. But the human heart is invincible. Sensual intuitive thinking is our global blood bank bringing constructive change to our world. Courage, determination, dignity and common sense are magnets that unite our spirit in rhythm with change.

Prejudice of tribalism is a dark disease from the past that promotes negativism everywhere – Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East. Tribalism is closed-minded group behavior that depends on strong negative feelings towards people outside the group to feel valid. With a disdain for humanity in others, tribalism is heartless.

The power of intuitive thinking to undermine ignorance of tribalism is real. Simple sensual connections unite us to feel grateful for life, more certain of who we are and calm. By trusting what feels right, it's easy to stay aware of dreams and priorities. This gently opens doors for others to do the same. Our priorities are not so different. Listen to the music in your heart. Walk with freedom and justice in your life. Stay in rhythm with love and truth.

Life is short and we don't have a lot of time. Everything is not easy. Justice brings balance that happens in its own time. You will keep in sync with change by noticing what you sense. This reinforces choices that guide and nurture your unique humanity. We are here to learn, change and grow. As soon as we become tools of tribalism or dogma, growth stops. Don't ever be guided by hate. It is the path to hell.

We live with technology that helps us separate from the corrupted tenets of tribalism by opening our eyes to alternatives. Tribalism is rigid and irrational restrictions grounded in the past. The internet is connections and updates available to all. We can choose to live with respect and peace.

It is intuitive  to heal yourself and our world by refusing to be limited by prejudice. Choose to sense the light. You are born to be joyous, to love and to honor responsibilities of being alive. 
photo Simon Waruru Mathe

The spirit within us bends, but doesn't die. To break the stone of tribalism may not be possible. But, with sensual intuitive thinking, we can starve it. There is always a balance of light and dark in our world. Use your power to feel what is humane. Be part of the light. It's a wonderful place to be. 

I love this photo taken by my rafiki (friend) because it's either a profile or compelling eye contact. How do we know which is right? We don't. All we know is: There is always more than one way to see things.  

During times of change and upheaval, you have soul. Use your voice and actions to healKeep communication open. Notice what you sense. Tune-in with clear eyes, ears, heart and mind. Be aware of what's going on. New solutions for old problems will push open the small door of the improbable. It's amazing.

I have just three things to teach:
Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and in thoughts,
You return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
You accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
You reconcile all beings in the world. ~Lao Tzu


Friday, October 9, 2015

Sensual Healing

Thinking sensually renews original bonds with life. 

Sensual healing is always happening. 

Because living is a process, we are always healing in some way. When you connect what you sense with what you feel and what you know, it's instinctive to tune-in to optimum health. Being healthy is more than a system of symptoms and solutions. It's a big picture perspective. Participate in your healing. All parts of you matter and you are part of all that matters. 

From birth, the first way we know life is through our senses. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch are organic ways we bond and heal. Sensing is how we connect with what we ache for. It's natural to be in tune with good mental and physical health by responding to what you sense. Don't think about it; just do it. Talk less and sense more.  Tune to what you see. You know more than you realize.

Simple things heal. Music removes the rust of stress. Colors and seasons unlock the grip of time. Telling the truth opens doors to peace of mind. Life is poetry. 

Sensual healing is part of the conversation of livingIgnoring what we sense leads to an unhealthy lockdown of frustration or magnifies depression; so we are off-balance. Tuning-in to what we sense boosts momentum. Sensing balance is an effortless connection with the present. It is just the moment. 

I've learned that I can talk with my eyes, listen with my skin and taste what I hear.  As my 5 senses bring me focus, my 6th sense, intuition, becomes obvious. With curiosity and courage, I experience wild abandon of the big picture and discover happiness. 

Intuitive thinking takes me right to my heart where I connect with dignity. Dignity makes us feel light. It uplifts mental healthBeing intuitive is a sensual stream of self-respect that restores momentum with balance and the big picture.

Health is personal. Organic connections are transcendent rhythms that stabilize Life. When I make sure to notice what I notice, my heart sends rhythms that brings my skin to life. Sensual connections excite and heal. 

Everything we do goes under our skin and tunes-in to our state of mind. Sensual focus organically open the bigger pictureIf you listen with only 1/2 your mind, you only get 1/2 the message. Life is easier when you think sensually. Courage and curiosity sync with change that brings a healthy fairness and balance to the moment. Be loyal to yourself.

Like day turns into night, healing is renewal. Sensual thinking renews communication, justice and freedom. Intuitive health bonds with respect and Love. 

Every kind of healing requires intuitive skills like courage, dignity and curiosity. Use your sensuality to find answers, understanding and new relationships. Ease, peace, contentment, energy and passion are vital for good health. 

Let your heart dance with your smile and drive the sharpness of your vision. The fact is: you are perfect. Perfect comes from the Latin root 'perfectio', meaning complete. Right now - no matter where you are or what you're doing - you are complete. Pay attention. :)

Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing

It's simple and relaxing to fine your senses. Download: Fine Tuning Your Sensual Thinking for a guide. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind whenever possible. 
It is always possible. #DalaiLama

Kindness is the touch of love. Love is passion for living that is everywhere, but you can only find it by noticing what you sense. Kindness sparks healing and happiness. Love grows.

You have natural charisma. Open your eyes, heart, mind and arms to embrace the future. Let love in. Noticing what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell will guide you to sense inner purpose and comforting balance. 

Your 5 senses are remarkable intuitive connections that hold no emotional charge. Instead, fine tuning your senses links with inner courage that keeps you dancing with the beat of your heartFine-tuning your senses is a reality check

Life is big and unpredictable. Don't judge it by the size of problems you're tackling today. In fact, don't judge, instead do what feels right. Intuition another name for common sense. Common sense makes kindness a no brainer by keeping the big picture in focus. 

How is your relationship with yourself? If it's on the back burner, piled under work, stress and social obligations, give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself. Break free from the habit of ignoring what you need.

Common sense. Intuitive attitudes of curiosity, dignity and kindness are 'common sense' that makes you more effective. Be sensational. Connecting with kindness invites good things into your life.

Forget the idea of total control over circumstances. Instead be open to receive what or who is in front of your eyes and ears. As the saying goes: 'the universe has far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.'

Give yourself a chance to fly. Take a breath and imagine that you are spreading your wings. Now, stand up and take a very deep breath. Feel your whole rib cage expand and you will literally feel lifted. 

If you don't trust or notice what you sense, your relationship with yourself sours. You lose contact with natural rhythms and the big picture. Things jam, fall apart, get lost or hurt. 

Are the voices in your mind being kind? Thinking with your senses is organic relaxation that telegraphs self-respectUse it to let go of preconceived notions or thoughts looping through your brain. Think with your senses to free your mind.

  • Listen to music for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and feel the beat. Discover new energy and momentum when you open your eyes. Let yourself dance.
  • If the day's been intense, take a 5 minute shower before the evening starts. Be sensual and tune-in to your body. Feel the water tenderize your skin and you will find that you are able to relax and may even be smiling. By refreshing your body, you will think from a fresh perspective
  • Breaking routine is always a stress buster. Call an old friend. Go to the gym, do yoga or take a walk around the block to reset pace and reconnect with your sense of purpose. The breathing room is you being kind to yourself. The result is ease.
Be kind to yourself by respecting what you sense and you will feel complete. Here's how:
Take time to relax every day. 
Tune-in to your 5 senses to find the spark in your heart
Respect yourself by taking a few deep breaths.

Everything you intuitively know is already part of you. There's nothing to remember. Let yourself feel some love today.