Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Passion of the Present

Feel the electric music of the moment.

Major advances in civilization.. all but wreck the societies in which they occur
The passion of the present is an open portal. It is a free zone of connection where communication, understanding and desires flow. 

Think with your senses to roll with a free mind. Digest moments and taste anticipation. Stay in tune with dreams and values. 

The music of change is breaking brittle limbs of cultural dogma around the world. We're resetting the moral compass with dignity and courage. Good times are coming.

When there is change we look to each other – whether we are 16 or 60  for direction. The responsibility of every generation is to remain in the present and lead from the heart. Intuition is ageless. Trust your beautiful heart.

Take time each day to honor your spirit by thinking with your senses. Simply noticing colors in your environment, for one full minute, brakes the cloying power of stress. The break may not provide answers immediately, but it will provide breathing room to free your amazing mind. You have all the answers. Common sense and courage are the bedrock of inner peace.

Respond to the electric drama of the present. Be passionate. Stay responsible and have fun. Dance with momentum. Shine your unique mojo and share rhythms of soulEvery day the music of living plays on. Be spontaneous. Stay in-touch with velvet depths of what feels right. 

We are stretching out of the past and joining together through technology and innovation to be one dignified and adventurous heart. It's not easy. No matter what else is going on love, grace, forgiveness, peace and kindness dwell in the present. They are the enduring magic of humanity. 

Stay in tune with the magic and you connect with the purpose of the momentBe aware of the bigger picture and your thinking is unlimited. Nothing is ever the way it has always been. Keep an open mind and you will be forever young. 

Inner peace is the lovechild of patience and desire. Place your confidence in doing what feels right

Like a kiss on the lips, the energy of change goes both ways. Be present. Notice the full breath of what you sense. Touch moments with your inner heart. See truthCelebrate innovation that benefits all. Confidence and exuberance come easily with faith in the purpose of the moment. 

Look for justice and love while the music’s playing. Even when the music of change is hard to understand, thinking sensually tunes us to ourselves and each other with courage, dignity, curiosity and patience. With sensual thinking we thrive heart to heart in the present, in our homes and around the globe. 
We're in the middle of a revolution.... everything's changing.  Keep the faith. 
"It's gonna be alright. It's gonna be alright." Nina Simone 1969                   #janebernard


  1. What good orderly direction (g.o.d.) this is for Love, Life, Living, Lusting, Lollygagging, Lazy/gagging and much more.

    The one minute a day to stop and appreciate/celebrate/notice the surrounding colors. PRICELESS.

    Like floating down the river of Life on the INNER!!1/tube of Love.
    Merci beaucoup from the city of lust, love and oui light~~~~ Paris.

  2. I love this! Floating down the river of Life on an inner-tube of Love! Anytime!! Thanks!