Saturday, April 21, 2018

Everybody knows.

Everybody knows how to breathe. Take a deep breath in and a long slow exhale to balance your body/mind/heart /soul. Everybody knows how good that feels. Feel good.

The power and responsibility to know joy and sense confidence is real. It's clearly intuitive. Sensuality is vibrant. Sensing is transparent. Everybody knows when someone's lying. Everybody knows when the answer feels right. 

There's always more than what's obvious. Find balance, understanding and style by being grateful for Life. Breathe deeply. Listen for rhythm and soul. Love is everywhere. Life is amazing. Everybody knows the music's playing.

Sound waves are cosmic connections that get inside us connecting our breath. Notice what you sense. Intuition is your power of understanding. Breathe deeply. Everything alive breathes to find inner calm. Life is always transforming. Choose what feels honorable. 

Your 6th sense is incalculable inner strength. It is your birthright. Use your senses for natural access to inner energy to look close, listen harder and grok what's real. Maybe you will find peace. Intuition is the source of confidence and charisma for everyone. Maybe you will find love.

Personal transformation has global effects. Life has personal boundaries but energy is transcendent. Today you reach a new point of completion. Love your soul. reflect on your spirit. Sense exquisite textures of being alive. You have already learned so much.

Jump-start confidence with a deep breath in and a long, slow, exhale. Be sensual. Let these simple steps change everything:
   Look in the mirror, open your eyes wider and smile.
   Touch your beating heart with your palm.
   Taste the feel of comfort with your tongue.
   Laugh for no reason.
Satisfaction happens. Stay tuned. Constructive timing is consistent low-keyed preparation for what's coming. Passion is the exciting energy of awareness. 

We are energy sharing a ride through light, sound, imagination and chance.

Choose for justice and love. You know so much. Pay attention to soul nudges. Honor your inner integrity. Always, you may ignore facts, but you cannot change them. 

Everybody knows.
 Don't judge strangers. Don't judge yourself.  Everybody searches for balance and justice with their heart.