Thursday, April 28, 2016


"Light will someday split you open, even if your life is now a cage.. a divine seed, the crown of destiny is hidden and sown on an ancient fertile plain that you hold title to."#Hafiz  

Love will surely burst you into a new galaxy more than once. 

Sunlight brings energy to everything on this planet. Be warmed by its touch. Love, love, love with the grace of the sun. 
Respond to what you sense is right and enduring and you become harmony. 
Take a moment and spread your arms to open your heart to receive nourishment from the sun. 
Feel golden inside. 

Life is great.

Harmony is a delicious passion or love that's simple to recognize or peace of mnd. It's the flowing musical language of soul that reminds us life is great. 

Our lives become harmonious and productive through our senses. Our intuition, with its organic cycles and finely-tuned sense of right and wrong, is inner music and light. Without moving our feet, we dance to drum beats of courage and truth. 

We are part of nature.

Like stars in the sky and salt in the ocean, we are part of a bigger reality. For every form of Life, harmony is reciprocal. It's a clear easy vibration of connection and understanding. 

Intuitive thinking is understanding that naturally reflects the driving realities of change. Color, taste, sight, sound and touch constantly point us toward harmony and love. Even the simplest sensual awareness spikes spiritual excitement, intellectual curiosity, social innovation and compassion.

Life is an unpredictable ride that lifts us up and tosses.

Our senses keep us safe and balanced. Like schools of fish, we swim the currents together. Like a flock of birds in the blue sky, we fly on winds of truth and change. Love is everywhere and still we search for it. A sense of humor is harmony framed with forgiveness that does amazing things to ease the journey.

Sensual energy is the flowing musical language of soul

Sensual thinking is intellectual and spiritual (r)evolution. Life is a time-stamped gift saturated with adventure. Intuition is the global handrail we use when the wind blows too hard or not at all. 

Nature and we are here to help each other and thrive. Cellular connections lace us together. All air we breathe is filtered and recycled by trees. There is no new air. With the air we connect inside each other's lungs. Harmony is bigger than we imagine.

Harmony is found everywhere.

Some places like sunshine, music, love or sleep are easy. When they're not, breathing deeply reconnects us with harmony.

With intuitive thinking we are always tuned to revive and balance harmony in our lives and our world.  Talk less, sense more. The future is inevitable and your life is perfect. Respect what you sense, respond to what feels right and harmony will nourish you. Sensing is your natural appetite for Life.
Let what you sense guide you through the small door of the improbable. The future starts now.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.# Gandhi 
Welcome to the Transparent Sensual World.

Like invisible wind fans a flame, sensing clears our mind. Intuition is the sense that transparently keeps the present in focus. 

Sensing what's real over-rides logic and history. Seeing, hearing tasting, touching and feeling automatically keep us present.

There is no pause button on Life. 

Sensing what 'makes sense' is our re-fresh button.  Sensing what's real and what's right is transparency that brings peace of mind. 



Our minds are hard drive, full of virus and spam. That’s why thinking can be confusing. Emotions are reactions driven by the past. That’s how emotional thinking is often destructive. Only energy we sense now drives the potential to realize dreams and find happiness. 

Responding to challenges, opportunities and responsibilities takes strength. Syncing heart with each other and the bigger picture is intuitive collaboration. Together we are the future.  

Sensing cues our thinking. It's easy to hear kindness, taste truth, touch moments and see love. Intuition self-renews energy that brings  awareness and connections with everything we value.  A gut feeling transparently makes a point to clear confusion or doubt. Sensing highlights priorities and options, over-riding time or ideas. 

Being honest with ourselves is our intuitive compass. Choices like courage and curiosity are intuitive strategies that shine through dogma to bring understanding.  Using common sense is how we find the natural balance of mind and spirit. We get cues that keep fate on firm footing.  Intuitive thinking builds harmony. 

To change the world, change the way you think. #Gandhi 

The invisible music of life is sensual. Listen to what you sense. Answers and love are everywhere.

Intuition syncs with timing. It reveals logical priorities that constantly update. Sensing with heart and mind  keeps us tuned to soulChange is permanent.  Empathy is thinking sensually.. 

Honor, morality, good judgment and truth are transparent values that everyone recognizes. 
Being honorable reveals perspective and dignityWith these we find inner strength that unites us. 

Thanks to search-engines we have a comfort zone navigating the unknown. The big picture is global. It's up to each of us to stay clear and be honest about what we sense. To do what feels right, we may break many rules, but transparent thinking is always to Honor Life. We are all part of the same circle of Life. Transparency is seeing yourself inside the bigger picture.

Sensing what feels right cues us to respond to change with character, not emotions or thoughts. 

Transparent insights always points towards love. Intuitive vibes like curiosity, frustration, tenacity, loyalty, courage, dignity and patience are survival strategies. Sometimes transparent answers are common sense or a gut feeling.

Be brave. Access to wonder, love and opportunity is transparent. It is yours to sense. Traction is action. Ride the wind with dignity. Have fun.

Fate is something that happens to us and Destiny is how we respond. 

Flex your thinking to find balance and success. Every choice is an act of creativity. Your sensuality is the continuous effort  of intuitive, creative thinking that is utterly transparent.

Beyonce sings Honesty by Billy Joel   

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Cosmic Journey

Live Long and Prosper

 We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity.. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity. #Paulo Coelho

Mr. Spock, the Vulcan aboard the starship Enterprise in the Star Trek TV series, was the trusted voice of reason because he could only be objective. He always tuned to the bigger pictureMr. Spock was committed to understanding. His natural thought defense was foresight and it was easy for him to make smart choices because he weighed the options. Mr. Spock was naturally prudent and always determined to be clear. Everyone depended on his wisdom.

We all have a little bit of Mr. Spock in us. Our 5 senses filter objective physical reality that feeds our 6th sense. Sensual connections are instant, intimate and objective. They're non-judgmental, pure Vulcan.

Intuitively we tune to the bigger pictureOur cosmic connections are unimaginable, but we enjoy them anyway. Passions ignited by curiosity, joy and wonder light the way to explore opportunities. Our 5 senses keep us grounded, reminding us to be humble and kind. 

An important difference between Earthlings and Vulcans is our spiritual connection with Life. We feel vibrant. Natural spirituality is intuitive energy that helps us transcend the 'irrational'. It's how we fall in love with strangers and create solutions from debris. It's not religious or intellectual. Our senses bring us the Vulcan ability to be objective. Our spirit brings us a sense of wonder and the option to be great. 

There are no limits to human potential but there are clear intuitive guidelines to be the best we can be. Sensing is a stress-free zone of connection. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and grok is energy flow. Starlight, sound waves, light waves, taste sensations, fragrance are all physical. 

When you think intuitively there is no mental discipline, and so there is no stress. It's the Vulcan response to responsibility. Sensual thinking is boldness with a back-up plan. There are no emotional what-ifs and there is no procrastination. Sensing is a focus tuned to energy of momentum. Our 5 senses keep us in touch with change. Intuition keeps priorities in focus.

We are emotional beings who sense objectively and are always sharing and balancing energies. We dance with time and whirl with desire. Mr. Spock saw balance as the way of understanding. Maybe he was right. Clarity, success and peace of mind are always collaboration of energies. Shared sorrow and shared joy is unity of heart, mind and spirit. We share the same cosmic journey. We are supposed to take care of each other.

Intuitive balance feels like common sense or self-respect or courage, dignity, determination or love. You recognize the nudge - the head's up to connect with the cosmos of your priorities 

Life is wonderful and amazing. Even if we are just tiny blips on the screen of time, our spirits soar with the whole picture. We live and love through our senses, storing experience in our heart and mind.  We sense rhythms of inner music that connects us with outrageous vibrations of gratitude. Our energy connects with the biggest picture and we feel empathy. We know Love.

Intuition is the sensual portal to creativity and conscience. The intuitive nudge drives balance with priorities to take you to your highest potential. When you think with your senses the picture changes. When you feel with your mind you sense purpose and know a sense of direction and place. You are amazing.

Choose to live long and prosper.  Enjoy the impossible and be amazing.