Saturday, April 16, 2016


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.# Gandhi 
Welcome to the Transparent Sensual World.

Like invisible wind fans a flame, our senses inform our spirit and clear our mind. Intuition is the sense that transparently keeps the present in focus. 

 There is no pause button on Life. Change keeps happening until we die.

Sensing what's real over-rides logic and history. Seeing, hearing tasting, touching and feeling automatically keep our thinking in the present.  

Intuitive thinking is transparency that clears confusion and doubts to transcend  dimensions of time. We hear kindness, taste truth, touch moments and see love. Intuition self-renews energy that brings  awareness and connections with everything we value.  

Intuitive values like courage and curiosity are inborn tools that shine through dogma to bring understanding.  Honesty is our intuitive compass. Light, like truth, has no point of view. It's plain and shines for all. 

Sensual cues naturally balance the mind and spirit to keep fate on firm footing. Intuitive thinking  maintains harmony. Sensing creates transparency that brings peace of mind. 
To change the world, change the way you think. #Gandhi 

Our brains are hard drive, full of virus and spam. That’s why thinking can be confusing. Emotions are reactions driven by the past. That’s why emotional thinking is often destructive. Only energy you sense now drives your potential. 

Honor, morality, good judgment and truth are intuitive thinking that everyone recognizes. Honor is inner strength that resonates with perspective and dignityResponding realistically to obstacles, opportunities and responsibilities takes strength. Syncing our hearts with each other and the bigger picture is intuitive.

Transparency reveals logical priorities that constantly update. Intuition keeps us responsible to our soul. Change is permanently happening. Sensuality is intuitive empathy. The invisible music of life is sensual.

Thanks to search-engine thinking we have a comfort zone with the unknown. The big picture is global. It's up to each of us to stay clear and be honest about what we sense. To do what feels right, we may break many rules, but transparent thinking is always to Honor Life. We are all part of the same circle of Life. Transparency is seeing yourself inside the bigger picture.

Transparency cues us to respond to change with character, not emotions or thoughts. Transparency always points towards love. Intuitive vibes like curiosity, frustration, tenacity, loyalty, courage, dignity and patience are multidimensional tools. Sometimes transparency is common sense or a gut feeling.

Fate is something that happens to us and Destiny is how we respond. Flex your thinking to find balance and success. Every choice is an act of creativity. Your sensuality is the continuous effort  of intuitive, creative thinking that is utterly transparent.

Be brave. Access to wonder, love and opportunity is transparent. It is yours to sense. Traction is action. Ride the wind with dignity. Have fun.

Beyonce sings Honesty by Billy Joel   

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