Friday, February 24, 2017

Pure Glamour

Desires shape and form our passions. Intuitive tools power dreams and navigate reality. We lift-off, balanced in an energy stream of the moment. 

You are a hub of glamour and vibrant energy. Feel the thrust of courage. Trust the tickle of curiosity. Find insights with patience. Probe. Give-in to the pull of self-respect. 

Roll with Love, pain, opportunity, and pleasure.  Smile from the heart. Notice what you sense. You will find what you need.

Navigate with your senses. Your intuitive power, dignity and strength are Pure Glamour.  Take a breath. Sense timing, justice, purpose and place. You are Master of your moments. Let yourself shine.

Intuition is not personality or intelligence. It's deeper and lighter. Your gut feeling is Soul connection that is part of every breath you take. An intuitive nudge is the source of understanding, passion and stability. Sensual thinking is the path to Love that lifts. 

Have presence by responding to what you sense. Taste what you eat. Sensual thinking will caress your soul until you peak. Don't be shy. Sense timing, truth, justice and style and you will bond with belonging and see purpose. Share a soul caress of insight. Learn to grok.

Timing is a budget plan to balance understanding and dreams. Pause to sense the exotic bloom of Love in your throat and time will favor you. Protect yourself. Determine the texture of your conversations with courage, curiosity and a sense of humor. Glamour is multidimensional. 

We are part of the eco-system of evolution. Soul and Love are endless and intimate. Like the amazement of air and sea being made from each other, we are made of Love and become Soul. Intuition is humble transcendant thinking. Did you ever smell what you're thinking? We are Life energy. We enter and leave this world as soul. 

For answers you seek, think different Body and soul, we are focused by love and sensuality. Love is strength and not always kisses. Notice what you sense to find your footing. Respond, take action. Intuition is a soul caress to boost you, to fix, change, have, allow and do. Talk less, sense more and follow through. Confidence, empathy, tenacity and purpose will balance you. 

Every moment is new. Time's window opens and closes. It's the last ticket or the first view. Sensuality anchors us. Notice what catches your eye. Feel magical energy of enthusiasm that bubbles under your skin. Taste the treasure of hope at your fingertips. You are vibrant, feel it. 

Nature's music - day and night, birth and death, violence and peace - keep us humble, tuned to our own seasons. Determination and curiosity are energy currents of intuitive soul where we meet and part. Life tunes us. 

Wisdom is a calming sensual touch that feels like Love. Along the changing edges of our sensual boundaries, Love is soul wisdom. Open your eyes to embrace the moment and feel the kiss of desire on your lips. Sense the caress of inner wisdom and respond with your true heart. 

Soul is our intuitive sanctuary of courage, dignity, patience, curiosity and wonder. Intuitive thinking is the nudge of Soul. It is naturally sensual, flowing, compassionate and vital. Until our time is up, we are constantly swept into tides of open velvet kisses. The touch stirs us to awaken and soar with the vibrant shine of purpose.  
We are foam on the crashing surf of Life. Our survival option is to grow healthy. 


  1. Dear Jane
    Is purpose of life i.e., why one is born not most fundamental ? A child is born in a family and in a society of not of his choice , He grows his age of personify formation where he has no control .
    How a person acquire intuition and can intuition help a person natured and nurtured in above mentioned environment determine the purpose of life

    1. Dear Adil- You are in control of your thoughts. Life is not easy. Fine tune your senses and you will find balance to uncover your unique purpose despite family or society. Trust purpose you sense and it will become stronger. Purpose=Essence=Intuition=Soul. Intuition can be nurtured or abandoned but it never deserts you. Namaste, My Friend.

  2. Dear Jane
    Your five lines raises more questions which i suppose cant be answered through comment box of a blog . Although i am Ph.D in chemistry and had been in business for the last 30 years . i attended many lectures of Bertrand Russel when i was doing research for my Ph.D in London .and have passion for Philosophy & Futurism We are you based , i live in Karachi . May be one day we can get to gather to understand the role of intuition to help to understand the purpose of life to lead a meaning full and happy life

    1. Thank you, Adil. It would be my pleasure to meet to discuss intuitive thinking. I live in NYC and hope one day to visit Karachi.

  3. Dear Jane
    Do you conduct less philosophical training courses for business managers ? I am shareholder of three companies . Out of these three companies , Business training ( ICIL-BT ) one company ICIL-Pakistan ( ) is one of five business unit . If your course has potential ICIL-BT can invite you to conduct open enrollment course
    Dr A S Mufti

    1. Thank you! Yes, ideed. I would like to know the details! Please let me know an appropriate way to reach you. My e-mail is
      With appreciation ~

    2. Training course on some suitable subject for business manager is just an idea . I dont have any details. What i know our people in ICIL-BT get details of the course from foreign trainers and undertake need analysis . my business email is