Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Discipline of Desire

“ The discipline of desire is the background of character. ”#JohnLocke

No matter what you may be thinking, your intuition is another perspective. 

Thinking with 6 senses is the reality check that gives desire another angle.  Sometimes we call it 'common sense.'

We hear, see, taste, touch and smell everything. We get excited, focused, arroused and put on-guard.  Iconic values are intuitive discipline that keeps us moving forward.

Like timing, intuition is a sense, not a thought. It's the 6th sense, a gentle powerful discipline that is spontaneous - a gut feeling, a nudge, sometimes an eye-opener. Like seeing hearing, tasting, touching and smelling, being aware of intuition is a choice. Responding is 'common sense'.

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest. #MarkTwain  

Satisfaction and excitement are natural intuitive rhythms and melody that drive common senseIntuitive thinking clarifies and fortifies balance that powers passions. It is the discipline of desire.

Every day, nuggets of humanity sparkle with humor, kindness and compassion. Intuition is the way of using what you sense to get what you need. It is the backbone of character.

Passions are either insight or sensual delight. Intuitive tools you sense with your mind reveal timeless values that refresh priorities to reveal options that move life forward. Iconic values are tools - you feel with your mind - like courage, curiosity, dignity, prudence and patience that continually feed into soul excitement and into choices, and gently screen occasional fears or darkness into nothingness  

Good timing is rhythm that's intuitive. Desire is a dance on the balance beam of Life. Soul music is the song we dance to. Inner rhythms of living are collaboration of the unimaginable. Dance with heart. You will find what you want.  

 Passion and desire thrive with sensual discipline. Get excited, but keep an open mind.

Simple sensual skills, like using your eyes, feeling  the wind, tasting food, smelling and hearing are intuitive muscles that connect with the powerful balance of desire and discipline. 

When you think with your senses, you focus and feel vibrant. This simple exercise is the key to survival and inner harmony

We explore who we are to answer passions and satisfy desireThe instinctive quest is our birthright. Choices we make, are our own. Sensual living is a blend of splendor and responsibility. It's doing what feels right with dignity, humor and respect.
Talk less, sense more. 
Sensuality is the transparent portal of timing and self-awareness to satisfaction.

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