Friday, May 29, 2015


Feeling connections is how you experience the dimensions of sensual thinking.

Multidimensional thinking excites us because it opens new choices. It makes us want to taste deeper and love with our eyes open. Step-in to the picture of your life by thinking sensually, and find a new dimension of who you are. Discover faith in the dimension of doing the right thing, for the right reason, the right way and you can live with no regrets.

Thinking with your senses is multidimensional. Everything you sense connects with your potential. Sensuality means connection and feeling connected. Our emerging humanitarian age is a new connection of wisdom with innovation where we are dancing with ourselves and each other to new rhythms of freedom and perspective. 

Courage is a dimension. It's not something you think. Noticing it is feeling with your mind. Being in sync with personal courage is intuitive thinking. Experiencing courage is a balance of  character and passion. Courage is personal loyalty that reinforces awareness of confidence, determination and heart. Sometimes we call it, 'being in the zone'.

There is nothing random in your life. You are exactly where you belong on the path of creating the future. With sensual thinking, the path takes form. By noticing what you sense, you connect with yourself and others with added textures, excitement and impact. Every dimension you sense connects with destiny and purpose. Choices make sense.

Curiosity, like time, is a dimension easy to perceive. Love is the amazing dimension that often surprises. We sense dimensions of connection. Life happens quickly. Notice what you sense to be aware of where you're headed.

Time is the 4th dimension. Thinking sensually changes how you experience time. You can feel it speed up or stretch out. Understanding and experiencing how to time surf is  multidimensional thinking.  

Before the internet, there were two ways of spreading light: “to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”. Today we travel and connect through electronic dimensions to spread light on what we have in common. 

What R U looking at? Even electronic eye -contact opens dimensions of understanding, balance and intuitive perspective. I have this repetitive vision of humanity as a faceted jewel and the energy bouncing through us all creating new dimensions of unity and light.  Have fun! 


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