Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dance With Freedom

We are born to stretch-out with change. The soul matrix is a place of stagnation. Stay outside of the matrix. It's intuitive to let go of what does not bring positive change. Your heart, soul, mind and spirit are always actively present. Notice what you notice. All living is a process of evolving and life is short. Freedom is not just another word.

Every day jeweled dolphins leap into the world with the beat of your heart.

Respect yourself by being loyal to what you feel with your heart, soul and spirit. Think with your senses and feel with your mind to dance with the unique music of your Life.

Nothing is ever ‘the way it’s always been’. Time changes everything.  

This is a new Humanitarian Age. Continue moving forward. Work for your dreams, find destiny. Find love.

You have 6 senses that connect your mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. Use them. Feel your heart. Open up to yourself.

Notice what matters deeply to you. That is your soul connection. 

Stay open to inner freedom by connecting with faith in doing what feels right, for the right reason. Be in tune with your 6th sense. Trust  courage to be loyal to inner truth. 

Don't be trapped by politics, illusion or dogma. If things feel like stagnation, it's time to think differently. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. You don't have to accept things because that's 'the way they have always been'. Let yourself evolve.

We are in the habit of ignoring what we sense -- until we walk into a wall or get a broken heart... Right now, the whole world is ready to think differently. Everything that hurts can be addressed. 

Connect with your inner spark. Trust it. Trust what you feel with heart, soul and spirit. You are amazing. Think sensually. Be loyal to your whole being. You are an important part of change. Noticing what you sense is a new, holistic way to think. It unites us for the greater good. Freedom, to live with dignity, courage, purpose and love, is our birthright.


Have attitude of humility like Gandhi. Live with passion like MLK. Think differently to access your natural creativity like Steve Jobs.

You are more than a brain. You also think with your heart, soul and spirit.  

Good judgement is an intuitive connection. Notice what you sense to keep aware of choices. Use patience, dignity, curiosity and courage as filters to clear away what is no longer useful, and then combine what’s left to find order and bring better understanding to your relationships.

Be vibrant. Think with your senses. Feel with your mind. Dance with freedom

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