Friday, May 29, 2015


Feeling connections is how you experience the dimensions of sensual thinking.

Multidimensional thinking excites us because it opens new choices. It makes us want to taste deeper and love with our eyes open. Step-in to the picture of your life by thinking sensually, and find a new dimension of who you are. Discover faith in the dimension of doing the right thing, for the right reason, the right way and you can live with no regrets.

Thinking with your senses is multidimensional. Everything you sense connects with your potential. Sensuality means connection and feeling connected. Our emerging humanitarian age is a new connection of wisdom with innovation where we are dancing with ourselves and each other to new rhythms of freedom and perspective. 

Courage is a dimension. It's not something you think. Noticing it is feeling with your mind. Being in sync with personal courage is intuitive thinking. Experiencing courage is a balance of  character and passion. Courage is personal loyalty that reinforces awareness of confidence, determination and heart. Sometimes we call it, 'being in the zone'.

There is nothing random in your life. You are exactly where you belong on the path of creating the future. With sensual thinking, the path takes form. By noticing what you sense, you connect with yourself and others with added textures, excitement and impact. Every dimension you sense connects with destiny and purpose. Choices make sense.

Curiosity, like time, is a dimension easy to perceive. Love is the amazing dimension that often surprises. We sense dimensions of connection. Life happens quickly. Notice what you sense to be aware of where you're headed.

Time is the 4th dimension. Thinking sensually changes how you experience time. You can feel it speed up or stretch out. Understanding and experiencing how to time surf is  multidimensional thinking.  

Before the internet, there were two ways of spreading light: “to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”. Today we travel and connect through electronic dimensions to spread light on what we have in common. 

What R U looking at? Even electronic eye -contact opens dimensions of understanding, balance and intuitive perspective. I have this repetitive vision of humanity as a faceted jewel and the energy bouncing through us all creating new dimensions of unity and light.  Have fun! 


Friday, May 22, 2015

Momentum and Vitality

Be inspired, sense more.

Life is unpredictable. Tune-in to the big picture and flow with it. Navigate adventures of spontaneity defined by what you sense. Reach out through galaxies of emotion, time and space, to find connections and love.  We're attracted to vitality that reflects our own. We sense, syncing with vibrations and momentum. Communication opens on every level like an easy smile from the heart. Vitality feels like transcendence.

Technology and global connections impact us on epic levels. Responding naturally to change, new rhythms of upgrades, apps and the unexpected, the momentum evolves. Dance with time, sense more, talk less. and move faster. We collaborate, creating a future grounded with new loyalty to values,  in the fiercely playful momentum of time To celebrate vitality with quality living, we feel connections, thinking dimensionally.
Best communication feels like recognition and trust. Dignity and patience are intuitive tools that you sense. Use them to find inner vitality and character. You won't be disappointed.

Self-respect and kindness are intuitive portals of connection and momentum that bring big answers, solutions and opportunities. Stay connected. Notice what you sense. Use your power.

Sensual communication is mutual recognition, inspiration and understanding - in a heartbeat. It's the same for every generation and culture. We connect instantly with music, touch, eye contact, a tone, fragrance, the hue of lighting, the taste of temptation or bitterness or love. Our senses relay sensations that are energy to mind, heart and body. The familiar rush resets our rhythms. Momentum is the bedrock of vitality.

Momentum is the foundation of balance on the slippery roads of living. Intuition gives us traction. It balances what we sense, with what we feel, and what we know. By thinking with your senses and rolling with punches, you are dancing, learning momentum and syncing with change. Intuitive thinking unites us in gentle waves of connection, reconnection and love. Everybody knows Love boosts momentum.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain.~Vivian Greene

Sensuality is random play that tunes-in to momentum and vitality of change. What you sense is undeniable and doesn’t need an explanation. Trusting what you sense brings instant connection with the heartbeat of your passion. Tuning in to what you think with your senses and feel with your mind is your link to answers that make dreams come true.

Intuition keeps us in-touch with what we have in common. Be inspired, sense more.

*Photo of runners by Alan Steinfeld


Friday, May 15, 2015


Something is going to happen. You feel it coming.

Anticipation is an intuitive nudge. 

Anticipation is part of the sly trickle of living. It’s a confident steady drip of insight  that sparks dreams and creativity. You taste it or get a nudge telling that you are part of a bigger picture. Anticipate connecting with natural rhythms in your life. The next time you look for answers, have fun with it. Notice what you sense. You will find what you need.

Sensing is how to anticipate wanting and timing or anticipate answers. Notice what you sense. Sensual Thinking coordinates body, mind, heart and spirit for easy access to natural creativity, wisdom and characterIntuition is the inner sense of direction we call a gut feeling or anticipation.

What do you sense is coming? When you're feeling the bounce. You're in traction with action by being in sync with your unique drive. You don't miss connections. 
Sensing  is being in rhythm with soul. It's feeling potential. With eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and skin we anticipate excitement or danger or needs. Because you anticipate what you sense, your mind is focused on the potential.
The more you think with your senses, the sharper thinking becomes. Communication and confidence become easier. Things you anticipate happen. Sensing keeps the big picture in focus. You can feel it.
You are multidimensional. Everything you sense guides you to  know yourself better. When anticipation feels like enthusiasm, foresight, tenacity or patience, you know what to do. Relationships improve. Opportunities appear. Feeling with your mind keeps you in sync with your heart. 
Intuition is never destructive because it is part of the survival instinct. Frustration, confusion and boredom build doubt between you and your natural intuitive spark. When this happens, listen to music, talk with a friend or go for a run to clear your head. Sensual thinking will always refresh your perspective and renew healthy anticipation. You can always sense direct access to your inner truth.
Anticipating harmony with change and finding your dream is intuitive. Patience is the intuitive tool of foreplay that leads to opportunity. By responding to what you anticipate with intuitive tools like courage, curiosity, patience or tenacity, you protect yourself, update and fine-tune your ability to think outside the box. 
Sensing makes you listen closer, look harder and want deeper. It’s intuitive to be in tune with what you feel down to your soul. Notice what you sense. You will know yourself better and feel rhythms of your soul.  
Negative anticipation is a wall of fear that comes from the mind. If you feel stress, the way to get where you want to be is to change how you think. Do this by noticing what you sense. This distracts your mind and tune you to momentum. Intuitive tools always reconnect with your potential. There is always a spark
Be bold. Sometimes you have to throw your hat over the wall to get what you need:
“The Irish writer Frank O’Connor wrote how, as a boy, he and his friends would make their way across the countryside. When they came to an orchard wall that seemed too high and too doubtful to try and too difficult to permit their voyage to continue, they took off their hats and tossed them over the wall—and then they had no choice but to follow them.” ~ JFK
Keep the big picture and timing in focus. Courage, loyalty, dignity, curiosity, foresight and patience are part of your potential. You can have what you’re anticipating. Happiness will find you.
Think with your senses. Feel with your mind.