Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Sound of Silence

The sound of silence is the voice of your soul. It’s intuitive drive for harmony and peace that cuts through lies and deceit that threaten you. Energy you sense is the healing ticket to inner balance and the power of patience.  

From 'fake news' to virtual reality, we are bombarded. A stressed mind, clogged with fear, doubt or negativity, is a tool of the system. Don't be manipulated. Trust the sound of silence

You can sense lies and hear past illusion. Don't force your mind to wrap around anything. Instead, be open to your gut feelingFocus on self-respect and kindness. Sidestep disaster and bias by choosing to walk your own walk. Use music to stay connected and grounded. 

Give yourself a moment of silence to tune to the bigger picture. You can navigate change by responding to your sense of right and wrong. Don't think so much. Take actions that feel valuable and you will find clarity and companionship. 

Take a sensual break from mental overload to strip the cloying grip of stress. Listen to the sound of silence:
·       Breathe
·       Close your eyes
·       Lick your lips
·       Enter softness
·       Sense happiest
·       Be comfortable

Things take longer than we anticipate We all struggle to understand, grow and be our potential. Take space to be patient with yourself. Free your mind. It is in moments of waiting that ideas happen. 

Intuitive thinking is our cosmic appetite for balance, love and destiny. We are always making choices about what to eat or wear or how to respond. Consuming an overload of indigestible “news” or GMO’d foods creates stress. Intuitive eating is the way to train your brain to sidestep stress

Every skill, including intuitive thinking can be mastered by practice. Train your brain to master the moment by eating intuitively. You eat every day. Practice means benefits. You will digest your food better and be healthier by eating with intuitive tools.  
Intuitive answers like listening to your heart and responding to your body become second nature. 

Sensual thinking is the option to be humane that brings remarkable fulfillment. When you say and do what you believe, it's fun.  Outsmart the system by disciplining yourself to use intuitive tools while you eat. Doing this will rewire your mind.

We are here to help each other. Being in-tune with what you know is right for the greater good makes Life feel worthwhile. Your heart knows where it wants to be. Be yourself. You will find love waiting for you. Trust the sound of silence to find peace, comfort and excitement. 

Don't be tricked by 'fake' news or stress into responding the 'old ways'. Think outside the box. Trust your values. Your words and actions have power to change everything. It's little things that form important relationships. 

Sensual answers are the gentle foundation of companionship and stability. In the sound of silence, distinctly unspoken human feelings like Love, patience, dignity, curiosity and wonder connect us. Sensuality takes Life to another dimension. 

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