Friday, March 28, 2014

Sense the Music

Feel the music.

Syncing with music brings enthusiasm that touches our whole being, and we peak. Noticing rhythm connects us with each other, excitement, passion, and understanding. .

Listen to music and you can sense soul, sense what endures, sense the truth, sense understanding, sense love and even the future.

Sensuality is how to source insights. Fine tune awareness to be your potential. You sense more than you realize. Did you ever notice an attitude that made you feel welcome or that made you want to leave? Music is a kind of attitude that  is part of every conversation. Connect to the message with your eyes, ears and heart. Feel rhythm, sense melody. Sensing what's genuine, because words can be confusing.

Music is the global way we communicate attitude, rhythm and soul. The caress of a right sound goes just under your skin. Music drives the magic of healing. It reduces pain and anxiety, not only emotionally but also during and after surgery. Music restores memories and helps concentration. Music works a kind of intimate magic within us. It’s personal or we share it. When we share it, hearts meet.

Your senses opens portals to passion and dreams you need. Universal values like dignity and curiosity are intuitive tools that guide us to recognize our answers. These iconic tools satisfy every kind of appetite.  Whether you're dreaming about love or making a million dollars, you need dignity, curiosity and courage to succeed. Sensual thinking is living the whole package. It's how to sync with satisfaction.

We sense all the time, but don’t notice. Eye contact is an obvious example, eating, making love, praying, playing sports, even texting – We connect all the time with automatic, personal harmony that is gentle, vibrant and luscious. Sensuality is inner music.

Access your creativity and insights by sensing more. When you're curious, you're more aware and suddenly everything is possible. Air we breathe is starlight that connects us. When we connect in any way - it's sensual syncing. You may not always like it, but you always feel it.

Everyone knows music revs enthusiasm, unites moments of passion and can clear your head. 

Everything you sense is personal. Whatever you sense through music is a massage of your spirit that sets the stage for your moments. Live your song. 

Music links passions, peace and pace. Around the world, with music we celebrate, communicate, seduce, pacify and set the stage for dreams and destiny. Sense the music. The future is ours to create.

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