Sunday, June 18, 2017

the full experience

Sensuality delivers to both sides of your brain. It's the full experience. 

What you can sense, you can savor and grasp with your mind and feel with heart. 

Sensual thinking is relating with your whole brain. It is the organic way to balance, understand and evolve with disruption and completion

By sensing what feels honorable, dignified and enduring you hang-on to a path of rewarding connections. Sensing is how we steer toward happinessBeyond our sensuality linking to beauty, hunger, danger or desire, sensing naturally links with humor, timing and momentum to update reasoning with a human touch. It's always a complete experience. 

Life's music has natural rhythms. We organically sync with melodies of survival, resilience and Love through what we sense. Breathe, flow, relax with harmony. When we ignore what we sense there's a block, we're off-key - disharmony. 

Sensing what’s framing, inspiring or blocking change is the how we 'get' what matters and understand ways to take action. The human touch of sensuality guides toward personal honor, Love, courage and curiosity. These keep compassion as action. Sensual coding is the key to deep satisfaction. We thrive with the full experience.

The excitement of sensual understanding is a gift that enriches and defines purpose. It is our liberating ability to sense direction beyond the obvious. Sensual reasoning occurs at every age.  The intuitive part of our thinking is independent and not jaded.  Kids automatically 'get it'. Hold what you sense and Life gets better.

A lifetime is uncharted. Intuitive reasoning, driven by curiosity, innocence, passion or concern drives us forward toward the the big picture. Having intuition does not automatically indicate success. It indicates the potential for it. Like all things, it's up to us to put the work and effort into developing our talents and abilities. 

Time is our ride. Sensing is natural code for solving problems and making connections. Punch your ticket with sensual insightsUse both sides of your brain by noticing what you sense. Savor the full experience.


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