Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Weight of Happiness

Ever since happiness heard your name, 
it has been running through the streets trying to find you. ~Hafiz

Does happiness chase us? If so, why don't we turn around and embrace it? 
The weight of happiness is something people don’t talk about... I suppose, if we have diet goals or Destiny goals, it would be spelled the wait of happiness.

The weight of happiness is inner wanting. We carry it around like a layer of protective fat. Inner happiness reminds us who we are and gives us courage to face the day. It connects with what makes us tick and ignores demands that are destructive. 

If you run from happiness, maybe it’s because you don’t know who you are. The hardest person to know is ourself because it's hard to see the whole picture. Because our eyes don’t have good depth perception, sky divers are taught to ‘look at the horizon’ to gauge where they are. On the horizon of Life - kindness, dignity, justice and peace are easy to recognize when you look for them.

The weight of happiness is intuitive imprinting. It's sensual thinking that grounds passion, with patience and dignity and focuses courage with innocent curiosity. Natural curiosity is inborn hunger for the flavors of life. To feel weightless, we balance experience with appetites of heart, mind, body and soul. Happiness is awareness of the intuitive nudge of self-respect and the confidence to trust it.

Curiosity is the horizon of being. Be open to the unexpected.  It's intuitive to trust your senses. Sensual thinking is the intuitive way we balanced and clear input from mind, body and spirit. It burns calories. What we sense can drive use into the arms of inspiration, where a business opportunity or sometimes cosmic love waits. We discover ourselves. Notice what you sense and you will be vibrant. 

Inner happiness flows like the clouds in the sky. Your heart is never static. Embrace it. Being curious is intuitive. Happiness sheds useless weight. Doors open. You look good.

Don’t run from happiness waiting for you. Like weather, happiness is not always what we expect. When you fine-tune your senses, the rhythm of happiness is a lightness of being. Trust what feels right. Dance with weightless momentum of change.  Dignity is a calm attitude of self-respect that breathes in your heart. Attract happiness into your Life with your smile, and then, face it with dignity.

Think with your senses and feel with your mind and the rainbow of Life swirls into a path of golden opportunity. The weight of happiness is here.
" Be yourself; everyone else is already taken "~~~~ Oscar Wilde
Maya Angelou - Rainbow Connection
Sarah McLaghlan - Rainbow Connection 


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