Saturday, March 7, 2015

Intuitive Tools

You are using intuitive tools 24/7.*

Intuition is your connection with wisdom.

If you're not sure what’s right, ask yourself: What do I feel in my heart? You have the answers. Notice what you sense. Listen for your questions. Your 6th sense, intuition, is your 24/7 connection with wisdom. Wisdom is sensual because it’s something you feel, not something you memorize. Wisdom feels like understanding. Thinking sensually brings a comforting satisfaction with understanding.

Our world is a big search engine. Notice what you notice. Nature is our most profound and patient teacher. It teaches us about timing and survival. That's why you notice the weather. Music brings peace. It refreshes hearts, souls, dreams and bodies. Listening to music opens potential, unites lovers and strangers, and heals anger, disappointment and pain.  Travel, whether virtual or physical, reminds us of the wonders and miracles of our world and the many facets of humanity. It expands consciousness. Learning about others is how we understand ourselves better.

Be a sensual thinker. Notice what you sense. Tune-in to vibrations you feel from your heart and soul. Have an attitude of humility and determination, like Gandhi. Live ur dream with honor and dignity, like MLK. Think with your senses to tap-in to innovation, like Steve Jobs. Nature, music, travel and technology are portals of global connection and world understanding. There are no limits on how to learn.

*You are using intuitive tools if:

  • You use search engines.  Search-engine thinking is unlimited and you choose the answer that feels best. You respond to the power of inner truth. You keep looking until you're satisfied. You keep an open mind. To do this you, are using iconic intuitive tools: tenacity, curiosity and patience, and it feels right.
  • You are tuned-in globally for solutions, connections, reactions and understanding. Global thinking is a sensual connection of humanity. We share common iconic wisdom, common dreams, concerns and disappointments. We are disgusted with injustice and greed. Thanks to technology today, we move faster in our lives while we see ourselves globally.  You are using 4 iconic intuitive tools: prudence, dignity, foresight and determination.
  • You are more sensual than your parents. You tap for results on your phone, where others are still trying to push buttons. You see answers and timing more comprehensively because you're looking for smaller nuances with new focus and open-minded perspective. You don't give up. Gentle is a way of comprehensive awareness that never stops probing. You are using the iconic intuitive tools: courage, self-discipline, tenacity and grace.
Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Gratitude is the 'no brainer' for connecting with dignity, personal freedom and love. Sync with wisdom to secure connections with good timing, love and character. Use iconic intuitive tools to establish goals and keep options open. Think sensually, shed doubts and keep true to your potential through self-respect.

Be sensual. Use intuitive tools to feel what deeply matters to you. Talk less, sense more. 
Feel rhythm, find pace and find peace.

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