Sunday, September 18, 2016

Soul Connections

Photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Between what I taste and who I am,
Between what I hear and who I am,
Between what I see and who I am,
Between what touches me and who I am - is my soul.

Like day follows night, sensing keep us tuned to vitality and passions of soul connection. 

Soul connections are abundant. The best ones are surprising. When they happen, we defy limitations and find Destiny waiting. 

Life is sensing energy. Our natural quest for soul connections is the path of intuitive harmony. We easily sense/recognize dignity, courage and curiosity in ourselves and others. We sense peace and passion. Sometimes it's sexy.

Sometimes it's love or pain. Sensing change is intuitive. Notice what you sense and you connect first with your own soul. Do what feels right. Soul 'coincidence' happens and Life kicks up a notch. Sensing brush strokes everything. It brings a unifying quality to the moment. 

We are multidimensional- spirit, body and personality. When our soul is satisfied, we thrive. Sensing is the natural lens to feeling alert, to relax and open rhythms of passion and continuityEveryone is born recognizing intangible links and gut feelings that spark wonder and unity. Intuitive tools that create harmony within and between us are available 24/7. 

Sensual thinking is natural awareness that is gently grounding. Sensing is tangible connection we find between our spiritual and physical realities. Use dignity to connect with your own soul, and follow a curious, familiar nudge to recognize others. 

Casual sense connections - eating, eye contact, a touch, a song - instantly nourish hopes and open doors to dreamsBetween spiritual and sensual awareness we make Life changing choices on the path of Destiny. Fine-tune your senses to know your spirit.  

Eat, drink, inhale, touch, find art, Love, be kind, celebrate, forgive, laugh often and embrace this day. Soul our sensual endless portal to mental, physical and spiritual stamina. Soul counnections source vitality and love. Sensing builds anticipation and trust. 

Sensual awareness makes timing and 'coincidence' easy. Sensing automatically brings a naturally intoxicating taste of simplicity. There is no stress.  Sensual nourishment, through Music, Art, Dance, Theater and Love, brings soul satisfaction. Life is a fleeting dance. Understanding and hope are a simple profound faith in the now

Change is constant. Daily living is not only about where you're standing, it's about where you're headed. Keep the big picture in focus. Set goals to satisfy your needs by seeing, hearing and feeling yourself with them. 
We are not led blindly to soul connections, but by groking

Sensuality is the fuel of passion and gear shift of action. Intuitive choices feed our soulAs we connect with soul through our senses, we complement each other. We blend, sense excitement and love. 

Enjoy your sensual gifts. Be open to tangible connections. F
ind inner soul balance between what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell to reveal your natural, vibrant inner love for Life. Intuition completes your soul with patience, good timing and dignity.  Learn to know your heart. When you sync with your soul, you attract your mate.