Sunday, April 27, 2014

A New Way to Relax

It's time to relax. 

By tuning-in to what you sense, its easy to find balance and unexpected opportunities.  It's uplifting to talk less and sense more because you notice your intuition. 

New ideas, alternatives and possibilities float through your day. Through conversation there are surprises and subtle nudges you experience as a gut feeling or just a blink. 

Change is normal. It's automatic to sense what's going on 24/7. When you think with your senses and feel with your mind, you sync with change with body and mind. It's relaxing. You are in the flow, guided by what feels right. Sensual thinking means you're in touch with timing. 

Thinking sensually is being in the stream of change, so that where you are, is where you belong. It's relaxing. Because our eyes, ears, nose and heart constantly respond to the changing environment, we connect with our body and spirit through our senses. When you talk less and sense more, sensual streaming unwinds your mind by setting a pace. It's easy to feel direction of intuitive boundaries such as dignity, curiosity or courage with your mind. The result is good choices and good timing. 

The rigid, stress producing, assembly-line mentality of the industrial age is over. Sensual thinking opens the picture by keeping us in sync with change. We are beginning a new Humanitarian Age of collaboration and transparent communication that honors creative thinking for the greater good. The new way to relax is by staying in-tune with what feels right. It's time to have more fun.

This is a new age. Search engine thinking is relaxing because we know there is always an answer to be found. We're not uptight about change because updates are 'normal'. Because technology is always updating, things stay fresh. We relax and go with the flow by thinking in ways that tune in to what feels right. The result of being sensual thinkers is: we're more in sync with our bodies and our responsibilities.

All around there are new ways of doing things and the genuine experience of momentum. Together, we are responding with dignity, courage, patience and curiosity to what feels right and wrong in our world. Hype and hypocrites have no place in the transparent 21st century. When we talk less and sense more,it's a liberating, relaxing and empowering reality check

Unwind your mind – the more you recognize your ability to learn and cope by thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, the more powerful you are to relax, enjoy and respond to Life's challenges.


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