Monday, April 14, 2014

Be Playful

Be playful and new ideas will come to you. Life is full of chaos because out of chaos comes needed change. Sensing is the organic approach to chaos that connects your imagination with  opportunities or solutions you need. 

Games are about spirit - team spirit, the spirit to win. The spirit to enjoy life has nothing to do with any religion. Spirit is another word for passion. Passion is our intuitive connection with heart and play. It comes through each of us. Notice what you're sensing and you will be amazed. Solutions appear. 

Sensing stimulates natural creativity that is a response to change. The reason for gut feelings or an intuitive nudge is to guide you to notice more. Intuition drives you to be your highest potential.

Video games often mirror Life's chaos. 'Candy Cru is all about being in the right place at the right time. It's about thinking ahead, noticing incoming options and positioning. These important skills guarantee a better quality of life

Thinking ahead is called foresight. Noticing options and positioning is being curious. Good timing is intuitive thinking. Play more; stress less.Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind brings a balanced  perspective.  Solutions for new and old problems are in front of your eyes.

Being playful when confronted with chaos gives a powerful big picture perspective. Thinking sensually connects us with each other. Sensual intuitive thinking is the playful way we share, learn and think. It's how we find the magic.

Play is when we allow ourselves to relax. Being in the groove of a game is the natural way to think with your senses to sync with change. When playing with a new phone or with a new game to figure out all the bells and whistles, you are a responding sensuallyThe best game players in every sport react in the moment by observing and responding - not by "thinking". 

Noticing what you sense keeps your mind open to change; so that answers, challenges and opportunities appear. Sensuality is a natural reality check that maintains inner balance. Sensing your next move is the intuitive edge. 

Thought evolution brings liberating awareness of values, opportunities and obligations. With a flexible, playful attitude, your mind is free. The completion of your desires, needs and dreams is intuitive. It is not about competition. It's about the spontaneous quality of who you are. Be playful. Let your mind sync with your dreams and you will achieve them. 

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