Sunday, March 29, 2015

Free Love

"The subject tonight is Love and for tomorrow as well.."

Love answers unspoken questions.  Loving reminds us the impossible really does exist.

"Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends." Hafiz

The beat of our hearts is a cosmic ritual that unites humanity. Your heartbeat is a steady rhythm of personal courage celebrating this moment with Love that opens doors but has no agenda. You were born to make history. 'Think' with your senses to experience your moments. Feel with your mind and know your place with humanity. 

When something really wonderful occurs - touch your heart to seal the memory. Then, retouch your heart when you need faith. Connect with you. Be your highest potential. Don't take the beating of your heart for granted. Listen to it; trust it. Dance with it. Even though you are naturally guided by your heart/mind/spirit in and out of love, the residue of loving remains a triumph.

Love is organic. It is always within us. Everything organic changes. Everything organic, including us, is unique. Loving is trusting the beat of your heart. Free love carries a determined sense of obligation that is simply: to do what feels right.
Only you know your heart.

Noticing what you taste, touch, smell hear and see brings your heart/mind/spirit natural intuitive understanding. Sensual thinking directly renews energy of love and freedom to your heart. Love unfolds with unity that has no words but is clearly felt. It's Good Vibrations

Music, eating, art, travel and Nature refresh our senses. Be thankful. Gratitude is sensual Love that renews the momentum of loving.

Deep friendship is the heart-to-heart connection of cosmic loyaltyThinking about what feels important to you shoots energy like starlight, from your mind to your heart. Feeling your heartbeat with the palm of your hand is thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. Anytime, touch your heart to free your secrets.

Run your fingers, like very old friends, back and forth across your heart and answers come.

If you're lost - gently tap to wake your heart. Relief will kiss your lips.  If you feel frustrated or angry, place your hand over your heart and press, gently and firmly. Hold your heart until the fire inside turns to clarity.

When you surrender to the exhilarating beat of your heart, you are holding hands with the freedom of change and you are thriving. It feels like love.

True love carries no luggage. You are a unique entity born to be guided by your heart, mind and spirit. Thinking with your senses keeps you clear about change. 

Every heart beats rhythms that honor love, courage, curiosity, tenacity, dignity, determination and forgiveness. Feel your natural inner nobility. It makes Love easy.

Everything organic changes.  Live fully, have fun and be fabulousToday is a 'work in progress'. Life is a feast to taste, inhale, touch, love, hear, feel and respect.
Love is free. Listen to the music in your heart.

Roxette- Listen To Your Heart

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