Saturday, August 29, 2015

Natural Reality

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, and right doing, there is a field.  I will meet you there.~ Rumi

Sensual thinking is the body/heart/soul walk on the field of truth.  The truth renews us.  It is where we re-connect with curiosity and desire. 

Natural reality is an intuitive commitment to purpose. It is the refreshing drive to know love and to know truth. 

You are born to be sublime. Find your greatness by thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. Real greatness is not measured by opinion; it’s cosmic

It’s intuitive to stride toward happiness. By talking less and sensing more, there is an awakening from the lock down of stress.  

Stress is not natural. 

Stress jams our ability to reason and saps desire. That’s why when we’re stressed, we ‘forget’ or ‘miss’ stuff. Mnemonic (ni-MON-ik) means, “assists the memory”. Noticing what you sense absolutely improves short and long term memory. Sensuality refreshes natural reality. 

Sensual thinking is easy because it's intuitive. Think with your senses. Each sense is an independent point of reference. Respond to what you see, hear, taste, touch or smell to refresh mental, physical and emotional health. It's remarkably easy.  

Sensing and stress are not compatible. Protect yourself. Use intuitive strategies like curosity and dignity to see things differently. When we are curious or worried and answer to an inner sense of right and wrong, the truth protects us.

Intuition constantly brings values into focus. When you know you’ve done the right thing for the right reason, satisfaction cannot be taken from you. That's reality.

Free your mind. 

Intuitive strategies unclutter stress by pulling the big picture into focus, bigger than you remember. The world around unfolds with a new rhythms, like new music. Problems get smaller. Time expands when you are aware of what you sense. Then, happiness happens. 

Intuition works with our mind to clarify perspective. To recognize your intuitive truth, tune-in to your sensesBe interested in what you experience.

Sense gratitude whenever possible, and receive a gift of fresh energy every time. 

Allow yourself to focus on what you smell, listen to words you hear, notice how you feel and what your eyes are hungry for and what you value. Intuitive insights will fill you with heart with purpose.

Natural reality is not complicated.

Natural reality is not judgmental. You have nothing to fear.Look for simple perceptions in the present. Something liberating and refreshing happens when we commit to what we sense. Try thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. Be free.

Reality is spontaneous and always changing. Dignity and curiosity are intuition keeping us on course.  

 It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis. –Margaret Bonnan

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Courage is the intimate part of what turns us on and keeps us connected with the truth. It is the intuitive lifeline that keeps connections open. 

Courage is part of the hidden spiritual agenda of living. It has nothing to do with words.  It is an intuitive, sensual commitment to the truth. We don't need to justify it intellectually because we feel it. That's enough.

No matter the plan, we reach for each other out of necessity, fears and hopes. Simple sensual perceptions we see, hear, taste, touch and smell, stream life-saving connections and openings 24/7. 

Every moment counts. We are alive. Open your eyes a little wider. We’re all part of the same movie. Connect with good timing. Courage to do and say the right thing is in your heart. The future is ours to create.

Intuitive sensual thinking is the voice of inner courage that prepares us for what is coming in the next scene of our lives. Think sensually and the script of your life flows with an authentic plot line. In a fraction of a second, feeling courage, dignity or curiosity with your mind, opens your heart. 

My screenplay deadline was this week. It's on my mind. I keep thinking about the 10th dimension, cosmic love and soul vampires.  

We all have traces of the 10th dimension in our lives where we're forced to deal with the unknown and unexpected. Everybody has to deal with some evil. Your authentic weapon is intuitive courage and your army is personal awareness and sensual connections. Humanity is amazing.

Thinking sensually is thinking for yourself  - but not about yourself. Connections and openings are what make life cosmic.

The spark of cosmic love lives in everyone’s heart.  We call it courage. You use it to balance information, find faith and know passion. Courage is like common-sense. You know when you feel it. 

Soul vampires- do you know any? Have you ever felt a person or a situation sucking the light out of your life? That’s a soul vampire. Sensual thinking is your stake. Courage is your lifeline. The next time you feel down or afraid, tune in with your 5 senses. You will find an answer that ignites the spark of life in your heart. Courage will always flame to hold you together.

Feel gripped by the magic of the moment. Even though you are not writing a screenplay, you are scripting your life. Be true to yourself by thinking with your senses. You will definitely connect with Cosmic Love.

"I could not say I believe. I know! I have the experience of being gripped by something that is stronger than myself.." Carl Jung

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I know you.

"The quest not only begins in the heart, but also ends there." Paul Brunton

Sensual thinking keeps us holding hands.

While our intuitive 6th sense keeps us in touch with bravery and wonder, our 5 senses take us there. Everything you sense equally reports with amazement- to the heart, brain and soul. Life is amazing.

Tuning to what you sense exposes connections between what you know, what you want and who you are. Sensing expands your mind.  Sensing with your mind and heart is how to be your own best-friend. You know more than you realize. Intuition is our organic connection with purpose. Sensing what feels right keeps you moving towards what you want.

Love is the powerful quest that notoriously tantalizes our senses. When we're in sync with love,our eyes shine and our step is confident. We feel love in our hearts, between our legs, buzzing our throat and with our gut.

When it comes to love, like ice-cream on a steamy day, we swallow the silky nuances, sometimes hardly tasting flavors until we're nearly done. Or, we prolong the pleasure, and roll flavor around, sweetly cooling our tongues, letting the creamy silkiness coat our throat. We think sensually to know pleasure and truth in the quest for love. Sensing is the foundation for smart decisions.

Truth is clear to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Our senses can be explosive when we notice them. Trusting truth you sense is trusting your heart. We are born to be amazed and inspired by our abilities to sense.

Whether the sensual spark is wonder, bravery, patience or curiosity, we use it to anchor and know ourselves. Sensing right and wrong is our protective confidence connection. When you notice what you sense with your mind and heart, you know yourself, you feel dignity and find love. When you meet a person whose quest connects with your own, love is harmony and destiny.

Poets write about the joy in our hearts, but their words live in the storage bin of our brains and get buried under stuff. The brain functions as our hard drive. We often format ideas with rules or confusion or doubt. Thinking sensually cleans the hard drive of our minds.  It keeps us authentic from the heart.

Because life is not a bowl of cherries, we forget how lucky we are to be alive and that's when we lose the heart connection. Love comes through awareness. Real living is honest. Intuitive awareness is knowing what's important to you. Everything you choose with sensual thinking leads the quest for truth and love.

It's natural to seek peace of mind. All you have to do is respond to what you sense from the heart - with bravery, love and truth to know what is right.  Being curious to know the bigger picture, keeps us real.

The Dakotah  Indians didn't have a word for "love". Instead, they said, "I know you." It meant:  I feel your heart, your essence, your soul. Sharing the authenticity of what we sense is intuitive.

Our eyes, ears, heart, skin, mouth and nose are easy connections with the simplicity of wonder. Our mind and heart sense inner truth and direction that eases living forward.

Destiny connects with dreams and love. Listen with the ear of your heart. Choices connect with destiny. No matter what we seek, it's ultimately Love we want.

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