Sunday, August 16, 2015

I know you.

"The quest not only begins in the heart, but also ends there." Paul Brunton

Sensual thinking keeps us holding hands.

While our intuitive 6th sense keeps us in touch with bravery and wonder, our 5 senses take us there. Everything we sense equally reports with amazement- to the heart, brain and soul. Life is amazing.

Tuning to what you sense exposes connections between what you know, what you want and who you are. You expand your mind.  Sensual thinking is how to be your own best-friend. You know more than you realize. Intuition is your organic connection with purpose. Sensing what feels right keeps you moving towards what you want.

Love is the powerful quest that notoriously tantalizes our senses. When we're in sync with love,our eyes shine and our step is confident. We feel it in our hearts, between our legs, buzzing our throat and with our gut. When it comes to love, like ice-cream on a steamy day, we swallow the silky nuances, sometimes hardly tasting flavors until we're nearly done. Or, we prolong the pleasure, and roll flavor around, sweetly cooling our tongues, letting the creamy silkiness coat our throat. Think sensually to know pleasure and truth in the quest for love.

The truth is clear to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. All of our senses can be explosive when we notice them. The fact is, trusting truth you sense is trusting your heart. We are born to be amazed and inspired by our ability to sense.

What we sense is the foundation for living.  Whether the sensual spark is wonder, bravery, patience or curiosity, we use it to anchor and know ourselves. It's our confidence connection. When you notice what you sense you know yourself, you feel dignity and find love. When you meet a person whose quest connects with your own, love is harmony and destiny.

Poets write about the joy in our hearts, but their words live in the storage bin of our brains and get buried under stuff. The brain functions as our hard drive. We format thinking with rules, confusion and doubt. Thinking sensually cleans the hard drive of our minds.  It keeps us authentic from the heart.

Because life is not a bowl of cherries, we forget how lucky we are to be alive and that's when we lose the heart connection. Love comes with awareness. Real living is honest. Intuitive awareness is knowing what's important to you. Everything you choose with sensual thinking leads the quest for truth and love.

It's natural to seek peace of mind. All you have to do is respond to what you sense from the heart - with bravery, love and truth to know what is right.  Being curious to know the big picture will keep you real.

The Dakotah  Indians didn't have a word for "love". Instead, they said, "I know you." It meant:  I feel your heart, your essence, your soul. Sharing the authenticity of what we sense is intuitive thinking.

Everything you know with your eyes, ears, heart, skin, mouth and nose are easy connections with the simplicity of wonder and inner truth that eases living forward.

Destiny connects with dreams and love. Listen with the ear of your heart. Choices connect with destiny. No matter what we seek, it's ultimately Love we want.

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