Sunday, July 8, 2018

Stay Satisfied

photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Intuition is wonderful inborn vitality driving us to sync with change. Changing with time and circumstances is our human skill of reinvention.  Use it to overcome apathy, inertia, stress and anxiety. Don't be boxed in. Intuitively you know how to get satisfaction. 

Personal satisfaction requires personal determination. To stay satisfied be bold. See things from another perspective, hear ideas through a different mind-set or take a calculated chance. Balance boldness with heart.

Satisfaction is a soul connection. Tune to heart to sense purpose and drive. Your heart is a magnificent place of passion and a powerhouse of dignity

Satisfaction is important for peace of mind. Tuning into your senses boosts energy that drives determination. Life is saturated with the unexpected and the impossible. Intuitive satisfaction brings good timing and smart choice. Your intuition is the comfort zone of inner power. Trust your gut.

Dissatisfaction opens your eyes and tugs at your heart to bring you to your senses. 
There is a reason for everything. Sensing builds decisive energy– like passion and determinationYour mind searches for meaning. Curiosity and dignity intuitively cue it to be decisiveYou adapt to stay satisfied.  It's beautiful.

Whatever is wrong today is the result of old patterns created by old choices. Intuition is the insight that redefines experience. Use intuitive strategies like dignity, foresight and curiosity to access mental clarity and bring a comforting high of satisfaction. 

 Our lives are the total sum of choices we have made. #WayneDyer  

Sensual thinking reveals opportunities. Courage, foresight and dignity are intuitive energy you channel to sense direction, safety and purpose With these tools,  your mind naturally relaxes and satisfaction happens. Sensing reveals vital connections like good timing, good health and love. 

Responding intuitively to personalities, responsibilities and priorities is enormously satisfying. Time expands and opportunities appear because satisfaction opens doors to what's coming. Sensual thinking is satisfying because you recognize cause and effect and understand connections. Life is smoother.

Change rooms in your mind for a day. Imagine using energy like forgiveness, dignity, courage and curiosity as practical forms of communication.  Anxiety would fly out the window. 
Anxiety is usually the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools –
and yesterday's thinking. #McLuhan. 

Self-respect and compassion will intuitively power focus mental energy to fight inertia. You can use these intuitive strategies to overcome stress or boredom. Focus on being grateful. Gratitude is an amazing intuitive instinct that boosts reasoning skills so it's easy to do what's right. Aren't you ready for long-term satisfaction

To stay satisfied, be curious. Test to see if a choice feels dignified. Your mind is the key and guardian of heart. Be decisive and take action. Satisfaction tunes to soul. Don't settle for less. 


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