Monday, May 30, 2016

Listen for it.

We only find Love and understanding by listening for it.

Listen for love. 
Feel the full moon. 
Be kissed by sunlight
Experience eye contact. 
Dance with passion. 
Taste wonder
Feel boundaries.
Trust sounds of silence

Everything is sensual.

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of sensual thinking. The greatest answers and most profound joys in Life are very simple. Reality is exactly the energy of this moment which means there is no agenda. We make choices with our senses spontaneously, the way a stockbroker navigates the market. 

Life is not easy. Every opportunity is a door to hard work. Navigate with your senses and choose your way wisely. Listen for love and you can't get lost. It's beautiful to take a chance. Intuitive options are soul leaps to rhythms of love.

Sensing, like love, is a private high shared by everyone. It's expansive being that brings us together. Sensing happens like breathing. We can ignore it or be thankful for it, but we can’t live without it.

Listen for Love. You can sense-make transparent choices to have consistent inner balance and relationships. Touch organic boundaries. Each of us is unique. We are completed by and make connections with our senses. Together we can meet any challenge. Life is amazing. Run daily choices by what you hear and feel and listen for 'it' for best answers. 

Thinking with your senses turns personal potential into a portal of connection. There is something timeless about the present that vibrates. Trust it to refresh your spirit. Hear with your mind, gut and heart. Listen for love.

The future starts now. Choose wisely. Intuitive tools you sense like dignity, curiosity and courage are power choices for long-term satisfaction. These secure daily magic and tap into your potential. Protect yourself and your path by being intuitive because you must live with the consequences

It’s intuitive to slip into rhythms of Love. When you tune-in to your senses, it is automatic to trust yourself. Trusting yourself creates peace that snowballs into every relationship. Intuition is quiet self-control that is part wisdom and part survival. The better we sense, the more amazing we become.

Tune to energy you sense and the next thing that happens is you start to see the person you’re talking to differently. Conversation becomes to the point. Trusting what you sense affirms shared reality. Life is short. Inhale it with your heart. Listen for love. Be creative.

Embrace the Light of being. Have fun! Life streams. Open the portal between yourself and your Life. Fine tune what you sense, find what you’re looking for. Listen for it.  

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