Friday, December 19, 2014

Stamp your ticket for change.

The truth has a positive invisible influence on all of us. Everyone feels it. 

Change is constant but not predictable. Notice what you sense. The way to ride with change is to stay in touch with your constantly adapting inner nobility, called character by thinking with your senses to know truth. Character is a natural portal of intuitive values like courage, dignity, curiosity, tenacity and curiosity that lead to happiness and success.

We think/sense with our senses. Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch, think and feel to stay clear about what's real. Change is not a choice. Every day we create the future. We can end cycles of violence and decay by responding differently to what is wrong or fake - by staying real. 

Stay in tune with your heart. Sensual thinking, filters Life with global intuitive values, like curiosity, courage, determination or patience. Tuning to these makes it easy to see there can be justice in our world.  Make the choice to sense what is real to establish a foundation for change. Start with yourself and the world will follow.

When you think for yourself with an open mind, time slows down and your ears favor no particular point of view. It's simple to tune-in to your intuitive truth by feeling dignity, courage or curiosity. Every time you do this, you reset your  moral compass towards bravery, with purpose-driven truth. 
  •  Morals are intuitive values that regulate and organize communication for clarity and transparency. Without a moral foundation, there is confusion, isolation, violence and fear.
  • Values that are intuitive, clearly connect with our inner innocence and passions. They 'feel' real and whether you're 4 or 40 years old, you can feel what's right. Transparent attitudes of courage, patience. self-respect, dignity, tenacity and curiosity are easy to recognize in ourselves and each other.  Notice why you like someone and you will sense what they value.
  • Intuitive thinking is the foundation of powerful change. it feels like purpose or destiny and becomes love, unity, laughter, and Light. Learn to be a sensual thinker.
Intuitive attitudes, like self-respect, courage, dignity, tenacity and curiosity are your powers of healthy discrimination. Notice what you sense to be in-tune with what's real. Sensual thinking is a reality check in sync with change. 
  • When you connect with the light of truth, it stamps your ticket. You move ahead on solid ground
Think with your senses; feel with your mind. Stamp your ticket for change.


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