Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happiness is an invisible breeze.

The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind. The answer is blowin' in the wind. #BobDylan

There is no such thing as fixed reality. Everything changes. Sensing what is meaningful and taking action that serves you is the path to happiness
photo by Nancy Howard
Tune to the part of your mind that is the seat of action. Listen for it. You know when things feel right. Life is amazing

Intuitive thinking resolves nagging doubts and answers questions by taking the pressure of emotional thinking out of the equation.

Emotional thinking isolates us from each other by disconnecting intuitive priorities that bring happiness to the flow of life.

The purpose of emotions is to highlight what we sense not dominate our thinking. A disconnect happens when emotions define choices. Noticing what you sense will pull you back to the present. 

Intuitive thinking paves the road to action that brings happiness. No matter what you are thinking or experiencing, it is your intuition that balances your needs with the present.  

Timing, health, creativity and love are intuitive connections that affect the future by enhancing how we sense our day-to-day lives. Sensual thinking is our seamless support system. It's really very simple - sensual thinking is intuitive living.

Sensual thinking is present, personal, natural, but not emotional. Intuitive choices lead to satisfaction. Notice what you sense to unburden realities and to rearrange and rebalance the weight of your responsibilities. Intuition is the reality check that launches desire.  

Intuitive thinking often surprises us and we do more than we had ever imagined. Balancing perspective to sync with the big picture of our dreams is happiness. Our 5 senses arc to understand boundaries and limits, while intuitive thinking defines and clarifies how to navigate.

Every day is unpredictable. We adapt to rhythms in the present and move through time like clouds in the sky. Reasons and answers change. The bottom line of self-respect stays the same. Our intuitive goal is connection and survival. Sensual thinking keeps us balanced.

Commit to what feels meaningful. Shake free of emotional stagnation and unhelpful expectations you place on yourself. The truth you need will surface.  

When excitement unbalances the flow of Life, intuition makes us curiousdignified and courageous to connect excitement of the moment with thoughts, dreams and heart. Intutive thinking serves needs that guide actions to comforting inner stability we call momentum. 

You can sense the bigger picture of reality that connects with your future and our world. Feel which way the winds are blowing. Commit to what feels meaningful before you buy a pair of shoes, accept a job, watch TV or eat dessert. Sense what is meaningful. Take action that serves you.
Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve. ~JKRowlings
Every day we navigate an unpredictable theater of the absurd and wonderful. Timing, health, adventure, travel and Love are everywhere. Happiness is an invisible breeze. 



  1. Always a true and insightful observation by a keen and intuitive sage!!!
    This is for you, Blush.
    “If the hour comes, and there’s no-one to beg or blame but yourself, you learn what we have in the end is just a handful more than what was born in us. That unique handful, what we added to what we are, is the only story of us that isn’t told by someone else”