Sunday, December 6, 2015


Take a breath.

Visualize the path in front of you being uncovered. Follow the light of DignityEnjoy a zen-smooth ride of self-respect. 

Dignity is the foundation of every successful relationship. It is the organic boundary of self-respect you feel in your heart. Intuitive boundaries are part of every relationship. They are a vitalizing neutral zone of comfort, understanding and self-respect. 

Everything we see, hear, taste, touch and smell is a reality check taking us to intuitive boundaries. We sense objectively. When we share what we sense, we feel vibrant. Connections are exciting. Our energy is rhythms of action and love. We feel the music in our heart.
Sensing is the intuitive skill path to love, personal power and peace of mind. We are born sensing dignity in dreamsdesires and passions. Love is easy to recognize. 
Dignity and  music are medicine for the soul. They are our way of organic sensual healing. Refresh natural rhythms of love by thinking with your senses. Let your mind dance with your body. Breath into rhythms of soul
No event or individual can break the spirit of a person who is dignified.  Approach a problem with dignity and your mind is calm. Approach a solution with dignity and there is no problem. Life is amazing.  Trusting inner dignity clears the air.
Dignity is an intuitive filter for self-respect and personal forgiveness. These are intuitive breathing room where we reconnize the silver lining of connection and the thrill of  thriving 

Notice what you sense. Uncover options and comfort zones by talking less and sensing more.
Dance and smile more. Balance the simplicity of what you sense with the honesty of what you feel in your heart and the anchor of what you know from experience. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind enhances communication. Collaboration is easier because you know yourself better.  Light-up your Life.

You are in charge of your choices. Tune to what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell to have a calm reality check. Change never stops, but 24/7 and your senses recognize and work with to find peace and love.  Peace is organic dignity we are born with.

Intuitive tools to make Life smoother. Never give up. Keep looking for answers until you're satisfied. Respect, truth, honor, clarity, courage and untapped potential are always under your skin. Trust tenacity, be curiosity and use patience to be in tune with what's under your skin. You deserve it. 
Music opens the eye of your heart. Listen to it. Don't think. Dance with sunlight, share kisses and be honest. You know what deeply matters. Talk less, sense more. Feel rhythm, find pace and find peace.
Enjoy David Young and IMAGINE.. 

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