Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thinking sensually.

Fine-tuning your senses keeps you lit. Sensual thinking turns up the wattage.

Find balance and connection. Think with your senses.
Our senses link us with each other. Thinking sensually connects with what you ache for. When you are aware of what you sense, it’s suddenly sensible to be a fool for love. 

Why not go beyond the obvious and tune-in to what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell? Love is everywhere. Don't ignore what you ache for.
Turn up your personal wattage by talking less and sensing more. Fine-tuning your senses automatically syncs your thinking with pleasures of momentum and good timing Thinking sensually heightens general awareness. It's easy to be spontaneous.

Notice what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch when you wake up or before you go to sleep. You notice and decide much more with your senses than you realize. Open up to your potential. Tune into your passion. 

Thinking sensually includes fine-tuning our 6th sense, intuition. For most of us, the 6th sense is a gentle, persistent nudge that comes ‘out of nowhere’. In fact our intuitive nudge coordinates heart/mind/soul priorities so you automatically tune-in to what matters. Everybody feels it. 

Intuitive thinking is what you feel with your mind and call: curiosity, dignity, patience or gratitude. Intuition, like our other senses, is neither intellectual nor emotional. It is always protective. Some call intuition insight or ‘gut feeling’. With our 6th sense, we recognize energy of attitude. Sharing attitude is sensual syncing that happens constantly. Noticing connections is sensual thinking

Intuition links what you feel, with what you sense, and what you know. It’s a reality check of connection, rejection, curiosity, enthusiasm and opportunity.  Because our senses enhance every experience, thinking sensually, while gentle, is both powerful and very intimate

As you fine-tune your 5 senses, intuition becomes sharper. You clearly ‘get it’. Thinking with our 5 senses - while using on intuitive strategies like courage, dignity, patience or curiosity for guidelines – brings refreshed awareness and excitement to simple moments. It's intuitive to keep open vital connections with your naturally vibrant heart.

Our senses keep us clearly in the present. They are efficient filters that signal pleasure or protect us. Thinking sensually constantly fuels passions, inspires natural creativity and renews your sense of purposeThe future is ours to create. 

Thinking with your senses keeps you lit. Feeling with your mind keeps the fire burning.
(Re)Discover the love of your life right under your nose. Let music light you up. See a shooting star.

Feel with your mind. NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE.  It’s cool to be spontaneous ~ 


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