Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Best Valentine's Present

It's Valentine's Day. Be present. 

 The best Valentine's day present...

Sensual thinking is syncing with the present while keeping clear about the big picture. It's multitasking you were born to do. Thinking sensually is being in touch with the constant amazement and momentum of living and loving. Stay tuned to the big picture of being alive.

Romantic love is connection that shimmers with anticipation and passion. When lovers share their hearts and lives, the days and nights start to blend, and that sparkle needs to be recharged. Love, like all that is natural, has its seasons.

Polish the gem that is your heart. See if you can remove the crust of time and let your sparkle come through. Love is passionate. Life is full of purpose. When we mix passion with purpose, we find a new kind of strength and deeper love.

To renew your vow: Trust the flow of your love together. Keep your eye on the big picture, your health, your love, your dream. Together, walk with the present into the future. Share what you sense in your lives and then share what only you as individuals can know in your hearts. There are no limits to what we can dream. Share the dream. Share the dream.

Life is a gift full of wonder and amazement. Sometimes that may seem far away. Renew your journey towards wonder and amazement by being curious. It's always a good time to tune-in to the season of Love.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. On Valentine's day, focus on sensual connections: Be present. Spend 2 minutes looking directly into the eyes of your Valentine to feel the heart of your love. Then... it's up to you. Yes it's that simple. Sensual thinking has its perks. 

Ah... the best Valentine's present ever - Everybody knows this: Share Your Heart. The heart-to-heart connection needs no words. Open your heart wide and nothing is impossible.

From my heart to yours.............................Appreciation, Peace, Light, Confidence and Love, Jane

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