Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adventure and Risk

Don't deny your need for adventure or risk because you took a wrong turn in the past. 

Being sensual is not passive.

The past is an intersection you've already crossed. Think sensually. The path is ahead. Have adventures. Create your life. Don't compare your "risk" with others. It's not relevant; your life is unique. Whether the thrill of adventure is skydiving or the risk of a new hair style, the adventure is real.

Personal power comes from the heart.  At birth, heat of Love & Kindness is tattooed on your heart. That tattoo forms a scar that keeps you true to yourself. We feel it tug and call it intuition. Intuitive tools, like courage, foresight, patience, dignity and curiosity are the attitude of heart power for satisfaction, adventure and risk. Attitude is personal power that determines the outcome of risk and adventure. 

Intuition has its own way of being noticed. Sometimes it feels like a gut feeling, and other times, a nudge or even an insight. It’s easy to feel the 6th sense connection right under your skin. Love, kindness, frustration and pain tug the tattoo on your heart. That feeling is a call to respect yourself. It can be subtle, but you will still sense it. For adventure, tune-in to tenacity and dignity to secure momentum. 

Every time your heart aches or soothes, it's the scar. The scar of love and kindness is a reminder that you can be brave. It’s an anthem to be true to yourself because you can overcome adversity. It's powerful, and so are you.

The only way to really enjoy life is as a participant. It's up to you. Power is sensual. Feel yours. Adventure and risk are not always intentional or easy, but they give life flavor, edge and excitement. Being sensual is not passive.

When you're ready for adventure or to take a risk, follow what feels right in your heart. All 6 senses protect and power you. It matters that you notice what you sense, and that you communicate from the heart. That’s how to bring yourself dignity, respect and more fun. 

Take risks. Laugh with Life’s adventures. Living brings scars. Scars signal survival and are badges of experience. Be creative. Dance in the moonlight. Wink back at stars and planets! They are shining with you.

The Scar, Winds of Purpose,
Thinking Sensually


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