Friday, April 24, 2015

The Gift

What you sense is never random. 

Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind, a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant  and has forgotten the gift.” 

Use the gift. Your eyes, ears, taste, touch and smell are intuitive portals to creativity and understanding. . Importantly, intuitive sensing is how you recognize good timing and know purpose. Everything you sense keeps you grounded and in touch with the bigger picture.

Simple sensing auto-syncs with the present and momentum. Your senses constantly refresh emotional and creative options. Without sensual connections, we become isolated, angry, anxious and disappointed. Sensuality is the gift of connection that makes Life great.

You are naturally sensual. Thinking sensually, all day you take leaps of faith and click what 'feels' right. That's how love happens 'spontaneously'. What you sense and what you choose to respond to is intuitive thinking.  When you think intuitively, it's natural to spontaneously connect with humorcouragecharacter, charisma and creativity.  

Balancing wisdom with innovation keeps you clear priorities and values during times of change. Sensual thinking is the highway to your highest potential. There are always new ways of understanding how things come together and new growing pains. Thinking with  6 senses focuses on a fulfilled, heathly, meaningful track.  Intuitiong keeps a the power of perspective clear.

In the past, we trusted the system or dogma for solutions - even if it was broken/out-dated or corrupt. We were taught ‘absolute answers’ that we ‘needed to accept’. In this way, we were taught to learn by accepting limits. The past is behind us. 

 Justice is working together in harmony. It is not all being the same.This is time of collaboration without limits. Use the gift to sense love, fairness and harmony. Accept what feels ‘right’ and reject what is wrong. How you choose to respond is unique. Intuition is inner focus on purpose and communication. A gut feeling is the 'gift' of a 'call to action'.

Think with your senses to keep inspiration, satisfaction and help at your fingertips – without guilt, judgment or cruelty. Use what you sense to adapt to change that frees you to think outside the box. Your unique sensuality is a multidimensional.

Intuition is something you feel, not something you think. Self-respect is happiness and dignity. It is the surprising aphrodisiac that brings satisfaction. Use your gifts to open your multidimensional mind. Decide to notice what you notice and you will sync with change and stream with success. Enjoy the gift of  Life.

Intuitive tools.

The left column is language that referred to iconic intuitive tools in the 20th century. The right column is how we word them today.
Old Speak                                                     Today
Foresight                                                       self-defense
Patience                                                         space to breathe
Curiosity                                                       senses, mind, spirit, heart
Prudence                                                       options
Tenacity                                                        commitment to myself
Dignity                                                          self-respect
Determination                                              follow through, tough love
Self-Discipline                                              intuition
Courage                                                        my lifeline
Grace                                                            personal forgiveness

An open mind means you control fresh choices and your future. 
Be your potential: Think Sensually.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Multidimensional Thinking and Nature

We are thinking differently and leaping into the secure arms of Mother Nature.

"Life is traveling to the edge of knowledge, then leaping off." DH Lawrence

We are tuning-in to our planet.

Perspective is a sense of timing and a sense of place. Sensual thinking is the multidimensional power of perspective.

Because we are part of Nature, this is an amazing time of thought evolution for humanity. Nature is a teacher and we are learning about ourselves. Intuitive sensual thinking is not about theories or good intentions. It is a solid connection with guidance found in Nature.

Natural thought evolution is sensual and intuitive. Everything we sense teases open our perspective and broadens the dimensions of our thinking. As the the sun rises and sets around the world and in our hearts, Nature guides us to be multidimensional thinkers

We do it all the time. Thinking with your senses is not random. It is the intuitive way of finding clarity of place and affirming purpose. Surfing the cloud is multidimensional sensual thinking and it's easy. LOL

24/7, Nature gently refreshes and unites us with the cosmic dance of connection. It's the experience of sensual syncing. For example, talking about the weather happens in every culture around the world. If you meet a stranger and don’t know what to say, talk about the weather - and you will instantly be dancing.

We’re evolving into a relaxed multidimensional state of mind.How is evolution relaxing?
It’s liberating. Since sensing is quicker than thinking, we're accomplishing more in less time. Time is a dimension we surf with our senses; our timing is changing. We're learning to sync with subtle rhythms in our lives and our world. By feeling with our minds, we find harmony within the 'big picture'. The fact of living is, it's exciting! Life is like music - never static. 

 Nature has a track record for surviving and evolving. That's good for us.

Thinking sensually. it's easy to see how details come together. As you see, hear, taste, touch and smell more, your natural focus grows and serves you better. You have more freedom and energy to enjoy living. Intuitive thinking is naturally non-judgmental and multidimensional. That's why its fun.

Sensual thinking is not linear or 3D. Like nature, it's a continual source of spontaneity and potential. Like nature, intuitive thinking builds a reliable web of connection and balance that constantly updates. Nature is teaching us to be sensual thinkers. Thinking sensually is a dynamic equilibrium created by multidimensional thinking in tune with change. 

This is the beginning of a new Humanitarian age. Beginnings are always wild times. We are learning balance and the value of patience. The heart wants what the heart wants but change happens when it’s time. Being in sync with change makes life easier.

Multidimensional thinking is collaboration of your senses, mind and heart that lifts your spirit! Nature is teaching the rhythms of self-acceptance. Feel her galactic heartbeat. Dance more. Day follows night. Let the sunshine in!

Talking about Nature and Sensual Thinking at the Ode To Earth festival in Philadelphia this Saturday. It’s going to an action packed event! If you’re in the Philly area, check out the link! I hope to see you there. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015


"If your eyes are open you'll see things worth seeing." ~Rumi  

To walk with balance, notice what you sense. Fine-tune your decisions with intuitive tools like with dignity, curiosity and courage.  

Thinking intuitively is search-engine thinking that reveals a  transparent path. Noticing what you sense uncovers different combinations that successfully flow with Life's dynamic equilibrium of change.

Your six senses light a multidimensional non-judgmental path of inner balance and enduring wisdom. Walk it and thrive. Everything you sense touches your heart, mind, body and spirit. You are amazing. Sense what you balance.

Just like a song is more than notes, you are more than mind or heart. As you sense what you're balancing, you "see things worth seeing" and recognize new ways to navigate life. Balance is never static. It combines the simplicity of what you sense, the ease of what you feel and insights from experience. Thinking sensually, the melodies of life harmonize and rhythms of soul are apparent. With balance, you dance ahead with freedom.

Intuition is your connection with wisdom. Wisdom is not something to memorize. It's timeless understanding that anchors and transforms by creating renewed balance. When you feel courage, curiosity, patience or dignity, you are feeling intuitive wisdom. 

Along the bridge of life, the chance to communicate, love, heal, be inspired and learn touch you every day. 'Think' with a combination of courage, dignity, curiosity and heart. You will be fine. Thinking sensually automatically taps into protective balance to access innovation and experience that guide life forward. Intuitive tools are handrails of protection and satisfaction. 

Music, nature and love are ways of sensual thinking that open our eyes, heart, mind, spirit and soul to renew balance. Learn to think with your senses and feel with your mind. Keep a sense of humor. Life is full of the 'impossible' and the 'unexpected'; balance keeps us wise.

You can always use intuitive tools to connect with inner balance. Dignity, courage, curiosity, patience and your five senses are points of light on the golden compass that is your heart.

Don't put much faith in facts, because they go out of style. For example, popular diets are 'facts' that go out of style and at one time, it was an established 'fact' that the world was flat. Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and inhale to find steadiness in the midst of change. 

We all quest for love and satisfaction.  It's like dancing; we all do it our own way. 
Take a chance on you! Honor your heart.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.  ~ Rumi 

Sensual intuitive thinking is your timeless foundation of wisdom.
Don't believe everything you hear. 
Opportunities to communicate, love, heal, be inspired and learn, touch you every day as you walk the bridge of life. 
'Think' with a combination of courage, dignity, curiosity and heart. 

Run your fingers across your heart to open your eyes. Laugh more. Sense soul. Life is a stream of change to taste with your senses and let flow. Seize opportunity by reaching out to touch it. You are on your way across the bridge of time. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Natural Protection

Your 6 senses are a constant natural armor of connection, protection and balance. Intuition is natural protection tuned to our survival instinct. It sharpens our 5 senses enabling us to thrive with change. This is a season of change. Every person, plant and animal is stirred by the arrival of springAs we sync with the energy of the season, the feeling is so intense and contagious, we call it, Spring fever.

It's Spring and suddenly it's noble to smile more because the sun is shining. Energy is connection and timing - earthly, emotional and ethereal is reset. We're more industrious. Days are longer and spirits are high. Zany sunlight brings the unstoppable urge for personal freedom and love.

In April, life explodes with new shades of green and we blossom with it. Even though it takes work to bloom, springtime is saturated with amazement. Nature whispers encouragement to every form of life with seductive warm breezes and scented air. Join the party.

The spring season is a joyride of renewal. Don't fight it. Let the rain wash away your worries. Feel what's deeply right with your heart's heart. You are part of Nature and Nature is noble, industrious and courageous. Plant seeds of dignity and kindness in your life. Be available to live your dream. Notice what you notice. Feel your potential and trust your seasons with intuitive self-respect. Nature reminds us that whatever the problem is, it will change. 

Spring is an exciting, juicy nugget of forgiveness. Go outside and let sunlight kiss your head. Face the future with an open mind and open heart. Thrive with change by listening to your heartbeat and telling the truth. Find renewed strength of character in the wind's caress. Life is a dance. Put on your dancing shoes.

 If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” — Mark Twain 

Nature is our greatest teacher. Her seasons are theaters of freedom, mystery and passion. And every end has a new beginning. Nature teaches us to respond, rest, forgive and move forward to create the future. It’s easy.

Protect yourself by staying in-tune with change. The ride may be wild, but you will be clear about where you're headed. Think with your senses and feel with your mind to have natural protection. If you have spring fever, share it with a friend.