Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Excitement of Purpose

Purpose is intuition that guides you to make smart decisions. What happens in your mind is private. What takes Life to the next level is passion. Purpose is exciting.

Sensual awareness sparks passions that drive new connections with purpose. Intuition is sensuality that scatters stress. It creatively and spontaneously rearranges and rebalances the weight of your responsibilities.  

Creativity is streamlined inner passion that sweeps you into rainbow hued sunlight of purpose and potential. You see connections that are exciting and meaningful. Intuitive thinking is efficient so you get more done with a lot less effort.

How has your day been so far? What nearly knocked you off-balance? What touched your heart? Make an inventory of where you are and where you're going. Notice the small things, colors, shadows, scents. Take a deep breath to pause and creatively connect with the excitement of purpose.

Peace of mind is the strength of inner character to address and navigate the present. Stay away from anyone who 'knows all the answers'. Everything is changing. You can think for yourself.  You are constantly creatively sharing and balancing emerging energy of change to find what you need. 

Significant transformation is in your future. Sensuality brings purpose, passion and humanity to decision making. It boosts communication and drives creative excitement. Things happen. Lucid Living in the virtual age is a productivity booster. 

Your eyes, tongue, lips and heart constantly inform your mind to drive purpose. Notice what you sense because you must fearlessly and creatively navigate change. There is no choice. Make eye contact. Listen when someone speaks to know what's real. Everything you say and do matters. 

Intuitive sensual connections build relationships that drive purpose and peace of mind. Whether you want to get to the next skill-level, to know love, or to build your business – noticing pace and energy you sense is the way to significantly drive what you do and say, to creatively track with purpose

The fact is to access creativity – you feel curious and find excitement. Life holds your heart. Creativity, peace and love thrive with an open mind. Sensuality is a splash of energy that flips Life up a notch. It can be a refreshing breath of insight or a kiss of light. You feel it. Momentum is exciting. 

Be your highest potential. Use change for introspection, collaboration and innovation. You will find timing has integrity along the path of purpose. Discipline your wild mind with your creative heart. All sorts of things that feel incredibly right will happen.

There is a magical edge to Life. Sharpen the blade of change by thinking with your senses. Stay in tune with purpose by feeling with your mind. Sense dignity and self-respect. There is a pot of gold waiting for you. 
Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. ~ HenryDavidThoreau


  1. Is sensuality keeps a person sexually active ? What are the human attributes which make a person sensuous i.,e., being emotional , caring , ambitious , extravert , creative etc.

    1. Loving deeply and good health keep a person sexually active. The attributes which keep our mind sensual are curiosity, courage, foresight, dignity determination, patience, prudence, tenacity, self-discipline and grace.