Saturday, August 8, 2015

Life is short.

Love is in your DNA. Be an icon.
Your potential is peaking now. Don't do anything that feels wrong. 
Notice what you sense. Intuitive answers only guide choices that reward your spirit.

Choose every day to have the time of your life! 

Life is short. Feel with your mind. When you ignore what feels right, energy drains from you. Vitality and truth feel like LoveYour Life was created by love and passion. Make choices from your heart and you will know you're okay. Be your potential.

Notice what you notice. Hold on to the truth inside of you. Use your 6 senses to fully taste moments and intelligently digest possibilities. To live richly and stay in touch with Love, act with dignity and purpose, and stay curious. 

Even though life is short, you always are in control of choosing to act or not. Trust your heart and do what feels right. Contentment is self-respect in unison with the energy of change. You can feel complete in the moment. Be dignified. To be your potential, the only person you need to answer to is you. 

Questions and challenges are part of Life. Hold what feels right to your soul by thinking sensually. Intuition is a balance of morality and sensuality that keeps you moving toward happiness. We are always rolling with change.  Think intuitively to come up on your feet.  

Thinking intuitively is how to stay in touch with the big picture. Living is an unpredictable adventure that happens in the present. Think with your senses to stay present. Feel with your mind to choose how to act. Choose Love and truth and that will be your adventure.

Happiness, like Life, needs breathing roomFor best timing, notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and feel. Feel your heart/mind/body/soul collaborate to balance the moments. Think sensually to stimulate natural awareness of purpose and passion that guides good choices

Life is short. Love is amazing. Be brave. Courage, dignity, patience and tenacity protect your spirit and free your mind for what's around the corner. Happiness waits for you.

Choose every day to have the Time of Your Life!

photo credit: Emka74

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