Sunday, March 29, 2015

Free Love

"The subject tonight is Love and for tomorrow as well.."

Love answers unspoken questions.  Loving reminds us the impossible really does exist.

"Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends." Hafiz

The beat of our hearts is a cosmic ritual that unites humanity. Your heartbeat is a steady rhythm of personal courage celebrating this moment with Love that opens doors but has no agenda. You were born to make history. 'Think' with your senses to experience your moments. Feel with your mind and know your place with humanity. 

When something really wonderful occurs - touch your heart to seal the memory. Then, retouch your heart when you need faith. Connect with you. Be your highest potential. Don't take the beating of your heart for granted. Listen to it; trust it. Dance with it. Even though you are naturally guided by your heart/mind/spirit in and out of love, the residue of loving remains a triumph.

Love is organic. It is always within us. Everything organic changes. Everything organic, including us, is unique. Loving is trusting the beat of your heart. Free love carries a determined sense of obligation that is simply: to do what feels right.
Only you know your heart.

Noticing what you taste, touch, smell hear and see brings your heart/mind/spirit natural intuitive understanding. Sensual thinking directly renews energy of love and freedom to your heart. Love unfolds with unity that has no words but is clearly felt. It's Good Vibrations

Music, eating, art, travel and Nature refresh our senses. Be thankful. Gratitude is sensual Love that renews the momentum of loving.

Deep friendship is the heart-to-heart connection of cosmic loyaltyThinking about what feels important to you shoots energy like starlight, from your mind to your heart. Feeling your heartbeat with the palm of your hand is thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. Anytime, touch your heart to free your secrets.

Run your fingers, like very old friends, back and forth across your heart and answers come.

If you're lost - gently tap to wake your heart. Relief will kiss your lips.  If you feel frustrated or angry, place your hand over your heart and press, gently and firmly. Hold your heart until the fire inside turns to clarity.

When you surrender to the exhilarating beat of your heart, you are holding hands with the freedom of change and you are thriving. It feels like love.

True love carries no luggage. You are a unique entity born to be guided by your heart, mind and spirit. Thinking with your senses keeps you clear about change. 

Every heart beats rhythms that honor love, courage, curiosity, tenacity, dignity, determination and forgiveness. Feel your natural inner nobility. It makes Love easy.

Everything organic changes.  Live fully, have fun and be fabulousToday is a 'work in progress'. Life is a feast to taste, inhale, touch, love, hear, feel and respect.
Love is free. Listen to the music in your heart.

Roxette- Listen To Your Heart

Friday, March 20, 2015

Star Power

Starlight of the Human Mind

Every atom in your body contains dust of an exploded star. 

It's time to feel your power. 

According to scientists, 93% of the mass of our body is stardust.

That's why every kind of passion feels like starlight in our veins. 

Starlight, moonlight and sunlight are l
ights of courage and forgiveness. These naturally prompt us to feel music, make love and live bigger. Notice what you sense. You have cellular star power. Look at the sky to connect with the intoxication of cosmic Love. Let natural star glow free your mind, heart and soul. Laugh more. 

Inner starlight automatically glows when you feel happiness. That's why you light up with excitement when you have new ideas. Every life is a mission of purpose and destiny. Every day we walk paths where dragons and stars wander. To stay on track, act with your heart. Use tenacity, courage and curiosity to be true to yourself. Trust your unique energy, motion and orbit. 

Think with your senses and feel with your mind to power the greatest ride of your Life. Thinking sensually is the intuitive way to find connections that bring love and understanding to your being. 

Today, there is a Solar Eclipse, the Spring Equinox and a Super-Moon. We are surrounded by light, change and courage. These open our eyes and reset our heart's heart. Star power invigorates our ability to be on track for a better future. The Eclipse, Spring-Equinox and Super-Moon are a heavenly trinity serving insights of divine dignity, peaceful joy and intuitive understanding. 
  • The Solar Eclipse brings darkness, and that we trust the sun will return, is a sign of faith.
  • The Spring Equinox points us unswervingly in the direction of renewed balance and cosmic Love
  • The Super-Moon, so close to our planet with its lunar pull of gravity, is rocking the oceans and inciting winds of intuitive awareness. Weather systems in our atmosphere and our lives demand attention and patience.
Trust your star-glow the way you trust that every morning the sun will rise. What some call patience, others call faith or love. Whatever you call it, trust yourself to be in sync with change, and you will be exactly where you belong.

“Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. ...Because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” ~ Carl Sagan 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Everyone holds a luminous jewel, a treasure, inside. It is our heart's heart. 

Humanity is a precious gemstone of weightless energy. Each of us is a unique facet on the gem of humanity. With our individual scuffs and sexy edges, there is constant energy and sparkle. Let yourself shine.

Loving and living is feeling and sharing energy. All energy makes constant freestyle connections with your 6 senses. That's why there are no limits to Love. That's the treasure. Uncover your treasure by thinking sensually. Let yourself feel the touch of your senses and the beat of your heart's heart. 

With laughter, freedom, dance and love, we merge to be guardians of truth. Your spark is inner treasure you own. It flows right under your skin with purpose, with light and destiny

We are at a new Humanitarian age. Communication is blossoming with techno-change and we are united with common intuitive wisdom. We sense time differently, because we're thinking faster. Trust your unique spark to shine your treasure. Thinking sensually is a holistic way of understanding and connection. It's a new way to think. You are doing it now.

When timing and dreams vibrate with energy that feels good and true, that will be your path and become your partner. Live with courage and dignity. Let your inner spark guide you with priceless strategies through challenges. Discover, by thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, there are no limits to enjoying the treasures of life.

With patience, let yourself evolve. Be prepared to laugh more. Perhaps today, someone you like will realize they have feelings for you, or a person who you respect will realize you have good ideas. Maybe a stranger will find pleasure in your company, or someone you love will learn from you. We are all here to help each other. 
  • Listen with your eyes and ears to discover what isn't being said. 
  • Touch with your mind, heart & senses to feel and be healed. 
  • See to have insights that transcend time. 
  • Inhale love and magic. Exhale exhaustion and doubt. 
  • Taste to know deep satisfaction and to digest understanding. 
  • Be kind for no reason.
Until you die, your treasure is fully present inside of you. Notice what you notice. It's so easy.
Wink at the moon, feel a breeze cross your cheek, remember who you love. 
Enjoy music to unwind, dance with freedom and refresh connections with your heart's heart. 


Neil Young: Searching for a Heart of Gold..
"Every one holds a luminous jewel; all embrace a precious gem. If you do not turn your attention around and look within, you will wander from home with a hidden treasure."~ Dogen, 13th c.

 Fine Tuning Your Sensual Thinking is a simple book you can open to any page like an oracle. It guides you to sense more.

Time Surfing

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Intuitive Tools

You are using intuitive tools 24/7.*

Intuition is your connection with wisdom.

If you're not sure what’s right, ask yourself: What do I feel in my heart? You have the answers. Notice what you sense. Listen for your questions. Your 6th sense, intuition, is your 24/7 connection with wisdom. Wisdom is sensual because it’s something you feel, not something you memorize. Wisdom feels like understanding. Thinking sensually brings a comforting satisfaction with understanding.

Our world is a big search engine. Notice what you notice. Nature is our most profound and patient teacher. It teaches us about timing and survival. That's why you notice the weather. Music brings peace. It refreshes hearts, souls, dreams and bodies. Listening to music opens potential, unites lovers and strangers, and heals anger, disappointment and pain.  Travel, whether virtual or physical, reminds us of the wonders and miracles of our world and the many facets of humanity. It expands consciousness. Learning about others is how we understand ourselves better.

Be a sensual thinker. Notice what you sense. Tune-in to vibrations you feel from your heart and soul. Have an attitude of humility and determination, like Gandhi. Live ur dream with honor and dignity, like MLK. Think with your senses to tap-in to innovation, like Steve Jobs. Nature, music, travel and technology are portals of global connection and world understanding. There are no limits on how to learn.

*You are using intuitive tools if:

  • You use search engines.  Search-engine thinking is unlimited and you choose the answer that feels best. You respond to the power of inner truth. You keep looking until you're satisfied. You keep an open mind. To do this you, are using iconic intuitive tools: tenacity, curiosity and patience, and it feels right.
  • You are tuned-in globally for solutions, connections, reactions and understanding. Global thinking is a sensual connection of humanity. We share common iconic wisdom, common dreams, concerns and disappointments. We are disgusted with injustice and greed. Thanks to technology today, we move faster in our lives while we see ourselves globally.  You are using 4 iconic intuitive tools: prudence, dignity, foresight and determination.
  • You are more sensual than your parents. You tap for results on your phone, where others are still trying to push buttons. You see answers and timing more comprehensively because you're looking for smaller nuances with new focus and open-minded perspective. You don't give up. Gentle is a way of comprehensive awareness that never stops probing. You are using the iconic intuitive tools: courage, self-discipline, tenacity and grace.
Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Gratitude is the 'no brainer' for connecting with dignity, personal freedom and love. Sync with wisdom to secure connections with good timing, love and character. Use iconic intuitive tools to establish goals and keep options open. Think sensually, shed doubts and keep true to your potential through self-respect.

Be sensual. Use intuitive tools to feel what deeply matters to you. Talk less, sense more. 
Feel rhythm, find pace and find peace.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dance With Freedom

We are born to stretch-out with change. The soul matrix is a place of stagnation. Stay outside of the matrix. It's intuitive to let go of what does not bring positive change. Your heart, soul, mind and spirit are always actively present. Notice what you notice. All living is a process of evolving and life is short. Freedom is not just another word.

Every day jeweled dolphins leap into the world with the beat of your heart.

Respect yourself by being loyal to what you feel with your heart, soul and spirit. Think with your senses and feel with your mind to dance with the unique music of your Life.

Nothing is ever ‘the way it’s always been’. Time changes everything.  

This is a new Humanitarian Age. Continue moving forward. Work for your dreams, find destiny. Find love.

You have 6 senses that connect your mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. Use them. Feel your heart. Open up to yourself.

Notice what matters deeply to you. That is your soul connection. 

Stay open to inner freedom by connecting with faith in doing what feels right, for the right reason. Be in tune with your 6th sense. Trust  courage to be loyal to inner truth. 

Don't be trapped by politics, illusion or dogma. If things feel like stagnation, it's time to think differently. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. You don't have to accept things because that's 'the way they have always been'. Let yourself evolve.

We are in the habit of ignoring what we sense -- until we walk into a wall or get a broken heart... Right now, the whole world is ready to think differently. Everything that hurts can be addressed. 

Connect with your inner spark. Trust it. Trust what you feel with heart, soul and spirit. You are amazing. Think sensually. Be loyal to your whole being. You are an important part of change. Noticing what you sense is a new, holistic way to think. It unites us for the greater good. Freedom, to live with dignity, courage, purpose and love, is our birthright.


Have attitude of humility like Gandhi. Live with passion like MLK. Think differently to access your natural creativity like Steve Jobs.

You are more than a brain. You also think with your heart, soul and spirit.  

Good judgement is an intuitive connection. Notice what you sense to keep aware of choices. Use patience, dignity, curiosity and courage as filters to clear away what is no longer useful, and then combine what’s left to find order and bring better understanding to your relationships.

Be vibrant. Think with your senses. Feel with your mind. Dance with freedom