Sunday, April 27, 2014

Intuitive Way to Relax

It's time to relax. 

Tune-in to what you sense. You will find answers and unexpected opportunities   When you talk less and sense more, you notice your intuition. Things come together. It's relaxing.

New ideas, alternatives and possibilities appear every day. Sensing what feels right is how to be in touch with timing. Life feels smooth.

Be in rhythm with changes. Change is normal. Use your eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, lips, ears and hands. It's intuitive to sense what's going on 24/7. Your senses  guide you to feel with your mind to anticipate change. 

Noticing what you sense keeps the picture clear so that where you are, is where you belong. Your eyes, ears, nose and heart constantly respond to the changing environment. Your mind needs to connect with your body and spirit through your senses to relax. 

The rigid, stress producing, assembly-line mentality of the industrial age is over. Sensing  with curiosity opens the picture. Sensuality is flexible. Stretch your mind and your body to fully relax in the moment. 

You are part of a new Humanitarian Age of collaboration and transparent communication that honors creative thinking for the greater good. Sensing is naturally creative. Relax by staying in-tune with what feels right. It's important to laugh.

Sensuality is search engine thinking that expands options. It's relaxing because you know there is always an answer to be found. With technology and Life always updating, things stay refreshed. By making choices in tune in to what feels right to your body, mind and heart, decisions are not stressful. You will discover that when you eat for good health and energy that you sync with your body and your responsibilities.

Simple sensuality unwinds stress by setting a rhythm. Intuitive boundaries like dignity, curiosity and courage bring confidence of purpose and direction to your decisions. The result is smart choices. 

Tuning to what you sense brings the liberating experience of momentum. It's intuitive to respond with dignity, courage, patience and curiosity to what feels right and wrong in our world. Hype and hypocrites have no place in the transparent 21st century. When we talk less and sense more, it's relaxing. Sensual thinking is reality check that feels like justice.

Unwind your mind – sense your heart to connect with your ability to learn and cope. You have inner power to relax. Sensuality is the handrail on the Stairway to Heaven.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sensual Living

Sensual living is a blend of responsibility and splendor. 

It's irresistible.

See sensual thinking spreading.  Feel this astounding video from The Free Hugs Campaign.
Do you like to hug?  Look at expressions on faces and notice how you feel after watching this. When we communicate with sensual thinking, the language is different than words. It's sensual.
Talk less, sense more.
  • See heart to heart recognition. Hear great music.
  • Connect with spontaneous creativity and collaboration.
  • 'Get' the message.

Sensual living is an irresistible blend responsibility and splendor.
Welcome to the new Humanitarian Age.

Talk less, sense more.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Be Playful

Be playful and new ideas will come to you. Life is full of chaos because out of chaos comes needed change. Sensing is the organic approach to chaos that connects your imagination with  opportunities or solutions you need. 

Games are about spirit - team spirit, the spirit to win. The spirit to enjoy life has nothing to do with any religion. Spirit is another word for passion. Passion is our intuitive connection with heart and play. It comes through each of us. Notice what you're sensing and you will be amazed. Solutions appear. 

Sensing stimulates natural creativity that is a response to change. The reason for gut feelings or an intuitive nudge is to guide you to notice more. Intuition drives you to be your highest potential.

Video games often mirror Life's chaos. 'Candy Crush is all about being in the right place at the right time. It's about thinking ahead, noticing incoming options and positioning. These important skills guarantee a better quality of life

Thinking ahead is called foresight. Noticing options and positioning is being curious. Good timing is intuitive thinking. Play more; stress less.Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind brings a balanced  perspective.  Solutions for new and old problems are in front of your eyes.

Being playful when confronted with chaos gives a powerful big picture perspective. Thinking sensually connects us with each other. Sensual intuitive thinking is the playful way we share, learn and think. It's how we find the magic.

Play is when we allow ourselves to relax. Being in the groove of a game is the natural way to think with your senses to sync with change. When playing with a new phone or with a new game to figure out all the bells and whistles, you are a responding sensuallyThe best game players in every sport react in the moment by observing and responding - not by "thinking". 

Noticing what you sense keeps your mind open to change; so that answers, challenges and opportunities appear. Sensuality is a natural reality check that maintains inner balance. Sensing your next move is the intuitive edge. 

Thought evolution brings liberating awareness of values, opportunities and obligations. With a flexible, playful attitude, your mind is free. The completion of your desires, needs and dreams is intuitive. It is not about competition. It's about the spontaneous quality of who you are. Be playful. Let your mind sync with your dreams and you will achieve them. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


Determination is attitude that beats the odds.

  Determination is a bridge of sensual thinking that connects drive with passions.

For all of us, success comes from a place of trial and error. When trying to invent electricity, Thomas Edison famously  said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  Determination connects body and mind with heart and soul to find satisfaction. 

Today, search engines guide us to be like Mr. Edison. We feel more determined because we know we can search other ways, other solutions, more alternatives, and that in the cloud, there are always new possibilities. With determination, we can cross any bridge in our lives.

Staying in step with change is done by staying clear about what does not change. What does not change is the human ability to feel what is right. What feels deeply right connects directly with our passions and sense of purpose. Determination is an intuitive global value that links us with our passions. It’s important to stay connected.

Mark King decided to be an inventor when he was 17.  He trusted ‘his own method’, his enthusiasm and his intuition about what felt right. He trusted himself to think with his senses and feel with his mind. As a result of this commitment to do what felt right, Mark connected with his passion and as a result, developed a different kind of patience that helps him continue to beat the odds. 

An attitude of determination naturally creates the uncanny inability to become frustrated. 

With an attitude of determination , Mark King went from making things from SuperGlue and bubble gum, to making a machine that analyzes the crunch in granola bars for a multi-billion dollar company. Today, the 21-year old community-college dropout, has multiple patents, and continues to trust what feels right.  

Sensual thinking is not intellectual. It is a connection with wisdom. Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. Knowledge can be memorized or learned. Wisdom is a sense of understanding of how things fit together. We are all natural sensual thinkers. Tune in to what makes you feel determined. It's right under your skin

Connecting with the passion of what feels right beats the odds.Think with your senses. Feel with your mind. Get attitude.