Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3 Words

"With three words, I can sum up everything I know about Life: It goes on." ~Robert Frost

The only thing predictable is change.  

Everything in your life is part of a bigger picture of what's happening.  

Let your mind, body and spirit work together. You are amazing. Whatever you say is a story of this moment and a link to the next. Sense more. Feel vibrant. Speak your story, from the heart, with a smile on your lips

Living well requires us to stamp a sense of humor on the ticket of life and to keep moving. We all are in our own streams, powered by currents of responsibility or irony. Sometimes words just don't come easy. Truly, Life has a sense of humor.

Laughter is a natural reset button that keeps hearts and heads present. You are here. Laugh more. 

Change keeps happening, and words have limits. Tune-in to what you sense and what feels wise. When you want to share what's close to your heart, sometimes eye contact, a touch, sharing good food, silence or music is the language of choice. Communicate your way.

 I've started a list of 3 words that work together. Feel free to add your own:

I love you.

Don't stop, please.

I forgive you.

Only the truth.

This feels right.

Less is more.

Try again, now.

"Words Don't Come Easy.' FR David 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adventure and Risk

Don't deny your need for adventure or risk because you took a wrong turn in the past. 

Being sensual is not passive.

The past is an intersection you've already crossed. The path you need is ahead. Have adventures. Create your life. Don't compare your "risk" with others. It's not relevant; your life is unique. Whether the thrill is skydiving or the risk of a new hair style, your adventure is real.

Personal power comes from the heart.  At birth, heat of Love and kindness is tattooed on your heart. That tattoo is a scar that keeps you true to yourself. You feel it tug and call it intuition. Intuitive strategies, like courage, foresight, patience, dignity and curiosity are heart power. Choices you make are personal power that drives the outcome of risk and adventure. 

Intuition has its own way of being noticed. Sometimes it feels like a gut feeling, and other times, a nudge or even an insight. It’s easy to feel the 6th sense connection right under your skin. Love, kindness, frustration and pain tug the tattoo on your heart. That feeling is a call to respect yourself. It can be subtle, but you will still sense it. For adventure, tune-in to tenacity and dignity to secure momentum. 

Every time your heart aches or soothes, it's the scar. The scar of love and kindness is a reminder that you can be brave. It’s an anthem to be true to yourself because you can overcome adversity. It's powerful, and so are you.

The only way to really enjoy life is as a participant. It's up to you. Power is sensual. Feel yours. Adventure and risk are not always intentional or easy, but they give life flavor, edge and excitement. Sensuality is never passive. Be creative.

When you're ready for adventure or to take a risk, follow what feels right in your heart. All 6 senses are protection and power. Notice what you sense, and communicate from the heart. That’s how to bring yourself dignity, respect and more fun. 

Take risks. Laugh with Life’s adventures. Living brings scars. Scars signal survival and are badges of experience. Dance in the moonlight. Wink back at stars and planets! They are shining with you.

The Scar, Winds of Purpose,
Thinking Sensually


Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Best Valentine's Present

It's Valentine's Day. Be present. 

 The best Valentine's day present...

Sensual thinking is syncing with the present while keeping clear about the big picture. It's multitasking you were born to do. Thinking sensually is being in touch with the constant amazement and momentum of living and loving. Stay tuned to the big picture of being alive.

Romantic love is connection that shimmers with anticipation and passion. When lovers share their hearts and lives, the days and nights start to blend. Always with time, the sparkle needs to be recharged. Love, like all that is natural, has its seasons.

Polish the gem that is your heart. See if you can remove the crust of time and let your sparkle come through. Love is passionate. Life is full of purpose. When we mix passion with purpose, we find a new kind of strength and deeper love.

To renew your vow: Trust the flow of your love together. Keep your eye on the big picture, your health, your love, your dream. Together, walk with the present into the future. Share what you sense in your lives and then share what only you as individuals can know in your hearts. There are no limits to what we can dream. Share the dream. Share the dream.

Life is a gift full of wonder and amazement. Sometimes that may seem far away. Renew your journey towards wonder and amazement by being curious. It's always a good time to tune-in to the season of Love.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. On Valentine's day, focus on sensual connections: Be present. Spend 2 minutes looking directly into the eyes of your Valentine to feel the heart of your love. Then... it's up to you. Yes it's that simple. Sensual thinking has its perks. 

Ah... the best Valentine's present ever - Everybody knows this: Share Your Heart. The heart-to-heart connection needs no words. Open your heart wide and nothing is impossible.

From my heart to yours.............................Appreciation, Peace, Light, Confidence and Love, Jane

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Thinking sensually.

Fine-tuning your senses keeps you lit. Sensual thinking turns up the wattage.

Find balance and connection. Think with your senses.
Our senses link us with each other. Thinking sensually connects with what you ache for. When you are aware of what you sense, it’s suddenly sensible to be a fool for love. 

Why not go beyond the obvious and tune-in to what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell? Love is everywhere. Don't ignore what you ache for.
Turn up your personal wattage by talking less and sensing more. Fine-tuning your senses automatically syncs your thinking with pleasures of momentum and good timing Thinking sensually heightens general awareness. It's easy to be spontaneous.

Notice what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch when you wake up or before you go to sleep. You notice and decide much more with your senses than you realize. Open up to your potential. Tune into your passion. 

Thinking sensually includes fine-tuning our 6th sense, intuition. For most of us, the 6th sense is a gentle, persistent nudge that comes ‘out of nowhere’. In fact our intuitive nudge coordinates heart/mind/soul priorities so you automatically tune-in to what matters. Everybody feels it. 

Intuitive thinking is what you feel with your mind and call: curiosity, dignity, patience or gratitude. Intuition, like our other senses, is neither intellectual nor emotional. It is always protective. Some call intuition insight or ‘gut feeling’. With our 6th sense, we recognize energy of attitude. Sharing attitude is sensual syncing that happens constantly. Noticing connections is sensual thinking

Intuition links what you feel, with what you sense, and what you know. It’s a reality check of connection, rejection, curiosity, enthusiasm and opportunity.  Because our senses enhance every experience, thinking sensually, while gentle, is both powerful and very intimate

As you fine-tune your 5 senses, intuition becomes sharper. You clearly ‘get it’. Thinking with our 5 senses - while using on intuitive strategies like courage, dignity, patience or curiosity for guidelines – brings refreshed awareness and excitement to simple moments. It's intuitive to keep open vital connections with your naturally vibrant heart.

Our senses keep us clearly in the present. They are efficient filters that signal pleasure or protect us. Thinking sensually constantly fuels passions, inspires natural creativity and renews your sense of purposeThe future is ours to create. 

Thinking with your senses keeps you lit. Feeling with your mind keeps the fire burning.
(Re)Discover the love of your life right under your nose. Let music light you up. See a shooting star.

Feel with your mind. NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE.  It’s cool to be spontaneous ~ 


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Confidence Connection

Confidence is inner certainty you feel with your heart.  

Don't be afraid to think with your senses and feel with your mind. An athlete wins a race with her mind on the goal and pure sensual focus on the moment. Confidence is a mind/heart connection. It's inner balance of sensual awareness, dignity and an open mind

Gratitude is the confidence connection. It's an intuitive link. Gratitude resets our point of view. When we appreciate relationships in our life, the moments come together becoming more solid in our heart. It's great.

Noticing the bigger picture brings perspective. This awareness brings balance to life. Fear and doubt are bullies that undermine confidence and our ability to Love. Confidence and love have a lot in common.  

Do you need to win a race? Are you hungry for Love? Do you feel unable to find what you need? Think with your senses. Our senses are the connections with everything present in our lives. When you notice what you notice, an attitude of gratitude is a guaranteed confidence boost. It's simple. Start being grateful about one thing every day and watch your confidence grow.  

Gratitude is the intuitive way to stay in touch with what is right and good in your life. Being grateful gently opens your mind. No one controls your thoughts but you.

Notice what you sense to sync with change, tune-in to passion and feel momentum. Use an attitude of simple gratitude for your confidence connection. Be grateful about one thing before you go to sleep and... have better dreams. Wake up feeling good.

The fact is: to open your mind is to open your heart.

Living is not walking the path. It's creating the path you walk on. Walk with gratitude in your heart and you will be on solid ground

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"I just called to say, I love you." Stevie Wonder

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