Friday, March 28, 2014

Sense the Music

Feel the music.

Music links passions, peace and pace. Everywhere with music, we celebrate, communicate, seduce, pacify and set the stage for dreams and destiny. 

Listen to music and you sense soul. You sense what endures, sense the truth, sense understanding, sense love and even the future. Everything you sense is personal. 

Whatever you sense through music is a massage of your spirit that sets the stage for your moments. Live your song. 

Music brings enthusiasm that touches our whole being, and we peak. Rhythms connect us with each other, excitement, passion, and understandingUse sensuality to source insights. 

Fine tune awareness of simple sensuality to feel your potential. You sense more than you realize. Did you ever notice an attitude that made you feel welcome or made you want to leave? 

Music is a kind of attitude that  is part of every conversation. Connect to the message with your eyes, ears and heart. Feel rhythms, sense melody. Sense what's genuine, because words can be confusing. Use sensuality to explore and protect.

Music is the non-judgmental way we communicate attitude, rhythm and soul. The caress of a right sound goes just under your skin. Music drives the magic of healing. It reduces pain and anxiety, not only emotionally but also during and after surgery. Music restores memories and helps concentration! 

Music works a kind of intimate magic within us. It’s personal or we share it. When we share it, hearts meet. Love grows.

Sensuality opens portals to passion and dreams. Inner drive like dignity or curiosity are intuitive tools nudging you to recognize answers, direction and purpose. These iconic tools satisfy every kind of appetite.  Whether you dream about love or making a million dollars, you need dignity, curiosity and courage to succeed. Sensual thinking is living the whole package. It's how to sync with satisfaction.

You sense all the time, but don’t notice. Eye contact is an obvious example, eating, making love, praying, playing sports, even texting – We connect all the time with automatic, personal harmony that is gentle, vibrant and luscious. Sensuality is inner music. Feel it.

Pump up the music of your soul. Access creativity and insights with common sense. When you're curious, you're more aware and suddenly everything is possible. Air we breathe is starlight that connects us like a beautiful song. When we connect in any way - it's sensual syncing. You may not always like it, but you always feel it.

Everyone knows music revs enthusiasm, unites moments of passion and can clear your head. Everybody feels love. #janebernard
Dance  more. Trust your heart.
Sense the music.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Make the choice to be plugged-in to what is genuine.

Choices you make based on how you think today will bring a new quality of living for us and our planet tomorrow. Be bold. Be curious. Talk less, sense more.

Think sensually to access your intuitive wisdom.

Think with your senses and it’s natural to have confidence along the personal highway called Fate. Feel with your mind and it's clear which direction to choose for your intuitive connection with wisdom and purpose. 

Think of your senses as portals to opportunity.  You can inhale, touch, hear, taste and see choices. Attitude is a reality check that is easy to sense and always part of the conversation. It's not something you think. Attitude is something you feel with your mind. It is your intuitive connection. To know what feels genuine is simple. Notice what you notice with your eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin, and tune-in to attitude. 

Sensual thinking tunes-in to the truth, the times and change.

No one but you controls how you think. By thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, the future is a well lit roadway paved with dependable iconic signs. Intuitive icons are attitudes that connect with global wisdom to guide rewarding choices. These automatically create confidence and a grounding sense of destiny, connection and purposeFor example:
  • Dignity is attitude that signals self-respect. Choose dignity to connect with your heart.
  • Curiosity is attitude that telegraphs an open mind. It's being open to the unexpected. Choose curiosity to tune-in to new options.
Thinking sensually along the rocky road of fate to collaborate, communicate and celebrate creativity for the greater good is how to get green lights to personal satisfaction.
Today, we're always moving. Sensual thinking is resetting the moral compass by simply connecting us with what is genuine. Making choices that feel right, based on what we clearly sense and fortified by iconic intuitive wisdom means connecting with courage, dignity, curiosity, patience, tenacity, humility and gratitude. We have a solid foundation and strategy to bring in the new Humanitarian Age.

Sensual Thinking is not intellectual. It’s action and experience. Spread it.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Humor Challenge

How many different answers are there to: ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’
Humor challenges us to think outside the box.  A sense of humor is an open mind.  

Humor challenges us to let go of what we expect and tune in to the possible. Every day, we have the have the choice to rise to the challenge or option not to. By thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds, we choose. Staying tuned in to the possible is relaxing, in a way that dares us laugh at life. Laughing is our opportunity to connect with the bigger picture.

A lot of humor really isn't funny, but it really is an eye opener. The cool thing about eye openers is, they help us see where we are going. We can't solve problems we don't fully see. We need the big picture. Humor is an important part of sensual thinking. Einstein said, we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them.

Sensual thinking connects with the power of the big picture; while at the same time, because our senses are intimate, we notice more and hear differently from a uniquely personal perspective. For everyone, there are signs and challenges everywhere.  I'm drinking tea with advice written on the paper. It says, “Experience your own body, your own mind and your own soul.”, which sounds good to me. Tuning in to heart, body and soul is sensual  and feeling with our mind keeps us safe and smart.

The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum sung by The Fun Boy Three, is deadpan humor. The jungle beat cracks me up. What a great way to say the world is going to pieces. What a healthy perspective to take! Instead of self-pity or anger, it’s an attitude of self-control. It’s the attitude laced with dignity and courage that says: We have a choice to rise to the challenge; it’s time for us to pull it together.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Changing Problems

Life is like a huge banquet. We pick up what we hope is delicious but sometimes it's a problem, and we need to spit it out. Thinking with your senses is a quick immediate reality check; feeling with your mind guides you toward long-term satisfaction.

Instead of fighting change, thinking sensually simply reveals options. You are grounded by reliable, transparent, intuitive icons like patience, dignity, curiosity, determination and courage. It's a confident feeling that endures.

Problems are inevitable stepping stones of living. The idea is to keep moving. When you are in sync with natural rhythms in your life, then the the big picture and changing problems into answers feels natural.  

Patience, made palatable by curiosity, brings one the our greatest pleasures- anticipation.  Anticipation is a willingness to accept without any doubt. It's feeling with your mind.
Sometimes we call it foreplay. Other times we call it innocence.

Anticipate connecting with your natural rhythms. The next time you're looking for answers, have fun with it. You will find what you need.

Problems create stress. Sensual thinking liberates by connecting with the big picture. Transparent filters, like determination and patience are intuitive personal boundaries. These tools navigate life, 24/7- when we notice them. 

Sensual thinking enhances natural creativity and leads to thinking outside the box to find genuine solutions. Why not pay attention to your 6th sense. It's the arrow on the golden compass that is your heart.

If a choice feels wrong, you know. When it feels right, you're moving. Solutions appear. It's easy.  Enjoy the banquet of your life. Think sensually, take in nuances and look at the big picture.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Having a Bad Day

Having a bad day? Let sensual thinking reset your golden compass in all directions. 
Why not be open to the unexpected? Why not let your golden compass whirl?  
  • Trust what you sense to stay alert about what's really happening.  
  • Listen to what feels right in your mind - It's not about words.
Making it a habit to stay clear about what feels right, results in good fortune. Curiosity feels right. Dignity feels right. Courage feels right. At the core of our hearts is our will. "The will is a product of integrity, not a child of contradictions." ~ N. Sri Ram

Life changes constantly. The simplest way to keep an open mind is to acknowledge that whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, more can always be added. This means making the choice to be open to receive what we want, not what we fear. Sensual thinking brings us liberating perspective.
    Your world is not tiny; open your eyes and your heart.  Everybody has problems. There is the story about a group of friends who got together at Starbucks. They decide to put their problems on the table. Seeing how horrible the others' problems were, each grabbed their own back with a SOR & left. Perspective is a stress-buster that we can trust. It's a natural reset button.
      The result of making hard choices to follow what feels right no matter fear of criticism or loneliness, always results in self-esteem and self-respect. Amazingly, this fills our glass. 
      If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. ~ Ben Franklin

      “Life is a superb and dazzlingly lighted hall, which may be reached only by passing through a long and ghastly kitchen.”~ Claude Bernard   
      Bad days feel like being stuck. Sensual thinking keeps you in rhythm with the big picture.  When you think with your senses and feel with your mind, its automatic to rhythms. It takes you out of ruts of habit and back on the dance floor of living. That's where to discover new options, new dance partners and your own moves. 

       When you trust what you sense with your 5 senses and listen to what you feel with your mind, ythe big picture, and what you want becomes attainable.

      Book:  Fine Tuning Your Sensual Thinking