Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Satisfying Needs

Needs are multidimensional. 
Change drives need. The path to success is unpredictable. Insights are created by the multidimensonal focus of sensual thinking. Use it to transcend time and  residue of experience. You will be able to solve needs, intuitively. 

Just like we are always breathing, everything in the world and in our lives is always going through changes. Everybody gets unglued. We use sensual thinking to pull it back together. 
Don't ignore sensual needs. 

Everyone needs healing and satisfaction. Courage, curiosity, determination, dignity, honesty, humor and spontaneity are intuitive tools that become portals to inner strength, good timing,  and innovation. 

You demand a lot of yourself. You engage life  physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually. The conflict between real and ideal is constant. It’s organic.
Inner drive for change tunes to inner understanding and inspiration. It's intuitive for us to sense energy from our heart and our mind. It's intuitive to test boundaries, find balance and push open doors.

Sync with the big picture with a SOR. Evolving is not always easy, but it's always enlightening. A sense of humor eats a sense of tragedy.

Tune-in to intuitive values to ask yourself what feels right. The answer is not unexpected and the benefit of honoring your needs becomes a thrill.

Sensing energy expands natural focus so thinking tunes to heart wisdom that over-rides conventional dogma. There are 400 million people processing Life. We all need the liberating balance of character to say “No” when the moment feels wrong. 

A gentle, persistent kick centered in the gut that randomly goes down between your legs or up into your heart and spins around your head is a reality check to respect. The power link in the chain of Life potential for each of us, is perspective. Without the links there are no connections and history repeats itself – leaving needs unanswered. 

Answers that matter satisfy the drive of purpose and destiny. Sense passions to notice links that you might have missed. Vibrations of change are sensual, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. Intuitive perserspectives over-ride dogma, time and stress. Be focused to honor your heart, then be willing to act.

Focus sensually and innovateEvery day is an opportunity to fall down and rise up stronger. The answer is in front of you. “Everybody is creative in the right context.”~ Alex Castellarnau

We individualize and share our reality and our needs. The point is: Be your highest potential – with dignity and with love. That's intuitive living. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind is a multidimensional grasp of wisdom. Wisdom is groking how things fit together. You can feel it. 

As ‘facts’change, so do needs. Notice what you sense to sync with the big picture. Find balance and use courage to honor priorities. Be passionate. Keep moving and innovating and you will be your highest potential. Don’t be ruled by ideas you from the past. Needs happen in the present. Intuition is the gentle touch that keeps your platform fresh. 

All we need is Love.  


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