Sunday, March 17, 2013

Soul Texting

Soul texting is 360° Sensual Thinking. It makes you sparkle.  
When you communicate what you sense with courage and dignity, you're powered by a new dimension of alertness that brings out natural charisma. Soul texting gets results you want. It's the intuitive way to connect.

Sensual thinking connects with good vibrations that create the power to privately move your life forward by staying in touch with the big picture. Choices are in sync with long term priorities and boundaries. Soul texting is fun and keeps things clear.

The truth is a transparent and powerful tool. You can soul text with your eyes, mouth, fingers and body - as long as you're in sync with your intuitive values. Whether you're texting, blogging, talking, eating or dancing with someone, you can think with your senses and feel with your mind for premium connection.  Soul texting feels good.

Music is a portal that relaxes your mind. Listen with your heart and connect with your answers. Track with the rhythms. Be sensual.
#MaherZain- Open Your Eyes

"Open wide the eyes of the heart and nothing is invisible." #TakashiMurakami 
Be spontaneous by noticing what you notice. Stay aware by feeling with your mind. You can feel what's clearly real. When your eyes are open, you can see with your heart. Nothing else matters besides the truth.