Saturday, March 30, 2019

hang suspended

Spring is an infusion of love. 

Are you ready for Spring and the passions it brings? I am.

Today's energy has taken my heart and my skin  is vibrating. I hang suspended, reminded to kiss with passion and dance with purpose.

Dancing is not just getting up painlessly like a leaf blown on the wind. 
Dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds. #Rumi

Passion's rise.

Spring holds us tight, reawakening our senses with new light, new colors, new life.

Love comes out of the ground and is in the air. Passion exhilarating and surprising is deep and purposeful. There is a reason for everything.

The energy is warm, new beginnings. Like birth, it is raw, unfinished, full of potential. It is yours. Every morning natural reality unfolds with purpose. Sense what matters.


Don’t be manipulated by what feels easy. Sense attitude, awareness and authenticity. Depend on courage, common sense and inner purpose to take things one step farther. This is the adventure.


Transcend negative energy with your twin powers of confidence and love. Feel them enter with your breath and grow inside. Energies of confidence and love are ageless and everywhere. 

Stay tuned to passions that feed your soul. You are hungry. Open your mouth, heart and mind to taste life happening. Wake-up. Dance with your naked heart. 


Spring lifts us to ‘hang suspended between the worlds’ where we naturally find wonder. See beauty. Hear the sacred music of the birds return. Everything is beginning. Lift your beautiful head. Be bathed by love.  #janebernard

Saturday, March 2, 2019



Perhaps light is a love-letter from the universe. How incredible!  The orgasm of light is an extreme flash of focus, that like love, wakes us with its own language. Shadows and rainbows up the ante.

When the light changes, which it always does – boundaries shift, surprising everyone who takes the light for granted. Don't be that person. 

No one is alone in the light. 


Imagine you are a crystal, but not perfect. You are beautiful, complex, raw and smooth as silk. Light shines through your crystal eyes, mouth, heart and soul. The lights inside us merge to be a point in time. Intuition is that point. It is the shine of passion and self-respect.

Intuition is a joyous soul-infusion that awakens and embraces you with rhythm and purpose. The focus can feel restless if you ignore it. Don’t waste your lightToday will never come again. Your crystal self is a collaboration  of heart, mind and soul tuned to love and justice.


Your heart hears through your mind and sees with your eyes.  Trust answers you feel with your body and sense with your mind. Go for quality. Set yourself free. Sense passion, honor your spirit and love life. Spread your wings.

Integrity, diversity, self-respect, and accountability are lights. They are the gut feeling, signaling that the coast is clear.  


Life is a dance of change. Light offers itself like a naked glance or starlight in the afternoon.  It uncovers courage or desire that is ecstasy or honor.  Light can take you anywhere you need to go.

Light is intimate. It is fire inside that consumes and transforms without burning. Was the ‘burning bush’ a love letter?  If we are surrounded by love like the prophets say, then we do not live without it – and it appears everywhere.

Light conducts the sacred music. We taste love before opening our lips and feel light with eyes closed. I cannot stop talking about love. Love and light are untouchable and in air we breathe. Love-letters are everywhere.


Purpose lights our dreams and ambitions. The light is flexible and generous. Exceed expectations. Your heart wants you to be happy.
Learn how to read the love letters sent by the wind and rain, the snow and moon. 
#Ikkyu (1394-1491) 

"Put your light on." Passion is the light and rhythm of understanding and desire. That's where I like to be. #janebernard

#CarlosSantana: Put Your Light On