Monday, December 21, 2015

Naked Truth

LOVE is always the topic.

The naked truth is a big, quiet, inner free-zone that connects with dreams and passions. It's our intuitive touchstone with innocence and Love. Life is amazing.

Intuition, like the truth, is independent. It is the skill of being in a crowd, without being part of the group mentality. It is thinking for yourself 

The naked truth is timeless integrity we sense with a balancing comfort of perspective. Intuitive truth is the power of a mind stripped of dogma. Thinking sensually is bold, exciting walk on the wild side of the naked truth with laughter, freedom, dance and love. .. Love is always the topic.

Inside you, the naked truth of freedom and love is passionate and awake. Everything is possible. Notice what you sense.

Today is happening just once. Your senses tune to what's real so that you stay vibrant. Everything is possible. Trust your heart. Honor your soul. Be amazing.

We are always dancing. The more you notice what you sense, the more explicit the sensual tease of the naked truth becomes. And the easier it is to flow with rhythms of change, and in-tune with the strength of love. Thinking becomes simple and time slows down to accomodate what matters. Intuitive thinking shines on passions and truth because it is a sensual, naked mind. 

As you see, feel, taste, hear and inhale moments, you are clearly present. Your naked mind tunes to the moment without judgmentTune-in to love. Be curious about what you sense and loyal to your heart at the same time. Keep an open mind and be wisely innocent. Trust what feels right. Enjoy your Life.

Everything changes. When faced with decisions, tune-in to dignity, patience and courage and find genuine inner certaintyThe naked truth is passionwonder and starlight in our veins. 

Talk less and sense more to feel with your mind. Be present with no baggage or expectations. When you respond to what you sense with courage, you uncover your fearless and focused heart

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