Sunday, August 5, 2018

Time 4 Change?

Are you getting a nudge that you need change? Stealth pressure for change – like boredom or stress – is intuition driving you to break out of a rut. They call it "woman's intuition" but everybody has it.

The feminine inside us is peaceful, persuasive sensuality. It's the source of self-control and confidence. Our feminine mind stays tuned to transitions that bring ecstasy. 

Everyone has private passions. 

Intuitive radar is sensual focus – spontaneously seeing and feeling.

Sensuality is effortless energy that is the magic bullet of soul. It's passion that focuses the need for change. Even when we ignore it, passion drives us. 

Women and men equally radiate an earthy blend of sex and sensuality. The feminine inside us uses that energy to sense power choices to make life smoother. Intuition is a consistent problem solver. 

Emotional energy fires our thinking demanding attention. Everyone uses the gentle power of sensual thinking to ground and focus passions, and to sense potential. Intuition drives smart choices..

In the past people said, "It's a man's world." In that world a traditionally aggressive male style was admired. That has changed. Since the 60's we've been talking about the power of love. Loving uses both sides of our brain to stay synced with emotion, mind, body and spirit. Love changes everything. 

The intuitive drive to reach for dreams, find love and know happiness is tuned to change. It's whole mind thinking. Sensual thinking focuses what you know from experience with what you feel in your heart and what you sense in the present. Sensuality is male and female.   

Everyone is intuitive.

Intuitive thinking is cellular multi-tasking. Women generally exceed men doing this. The male mind is known for its laser focus. The female mind is known for its stealth sensory insights. Put them together and that's you. The masculine and the feminine are inside all of us.

Self-control leads to healthy change. 

I heard Tony Robbin's talk about training the mind for confidence. He talked about shouting and using abrupt physical movements associated with the words to program the brain. The fact is whispering is as effective as shouting and it takes the same amount of self-control

Abrupt movements are rough, like a bull in a china shop. They are also rigid. Gentle movements, like tapping your forehead, or taking several long deep in and out breaths speak clearly to the reasoning side of your brain. You don’t need to be rough to be smart. Often success means being flexible in how you think. 

Train your mind to be a stronger wiser more heroic version of yourself both physically and spiritually. Be unrecognizable. Sensual thinking is tuning into the feminine mind you are born with. Just like woman often use their male mind, men can access intuition to use stealthy ways to create change.

Change is how we learn who we are. 

The human skill of reinvention is the art of survival. You are magic. Follow change that makes your spirit strong. Be free. When you sense a 'drain', it's smart to go the opposite way. Go with laughter, kindness, justice and love. Merge with companions and be a guardian of truth.   #janebernard

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