Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Yellow Brick Road

A Time Like No Other

Liberty Street,  NYC
Life along the yellow brick road navigating between right and wrong, is a dance. When you need it, courage shows up, graceful like a knight or a princess, in shining armor.  

Sensuality is enchanting. Curiosity is a noble passion and courage is pure sole-dignity. You have it all. 

Like a crystal in the moonlight, there's a glow that curious. Like a love affair that's over, pollitics has lost its' luster.  

Politics, like a sleight of hand, draws attention away from what really matters. It's an old trick. 

Today's needs are about humanity


Touch like an angel. 

Moral courage is passion that lives in every heart. These are wild times. There is a new dynamic. Everything and everyone is getting rebalancedMostly passion is soulTrust your soul. Courage is honor that only exists in the moment. Let yourself feel it.

Across time people have wondered, who am I,  “I am that I am,” the voice answered. Listen deeply to your heart, body and soul. Life is amazing. You have the spark of courage. It is a firm and gentle touch.

Self-respect keeps happiness in focus. 

It’s natural to crave freedom, kindness and love. Intuition is life-saving common sense. Courage is in our blood with attitude and passion. It is simple self-respect. Feel the flame. This election is about humanity. It’s about you.

Inescapable truths are not always pleasant. Knowing the truth gives you the choice to be courageous. The flame inside your heart is alive. It will always keep you warm.  Don't take anything for granted because you won't have it tomorrow. 

The social foundation of life is changing. Heart, attitude and action will determine the future. The beating of your heart is real. Let yourself grow. Breathe deeply and love the earth because this is your time. 

Change means everyone gets another chance. You know what you sense. Timing, doors, love, insanity. It's all happening. Notice invisible connections that sooth. Be kind. Follow what is humane. The beautiful thing about courage is that it's contagious. 

Be ambitious. 

Struggle builds energy and passion. Be patient with yourself. Things that are natural are not always easy. Ambition guided with passion is self-respect. Be that brave and life takes a nice spin. 

Sensual focus is the greatest partner. Whether you are male, female or trans, courage is the irrevocable spurt of Life's elixir. Everything happens as it should. Patience requires a sense of humor and it makes space for focus. Sometimes the man behind the curtain is a fraud. 

We live through a maze of irony at the whim of time, space and luck. The important thing we have in common is our ability to use connections for the common good. Choice determines destiny. Inner courage is insight that carries the advantage.

Choose love.

Love fans twin flames of connection and compassion. Dignity is power. Along the path of transformation, the road is lit. Sensing turns apathy to empathy. Keep your eyes, ears, mind and spirit tuned to courage. Thriving is the skill of navigation. You can move with time. The light you seek is always present. Kiss it on the lips.