Monday, March 14, 2016

Love the journey.

Love the journey. We are changing from a world steeped in 'logic' and theory from the past, to a brave new world of innovation, continuity and momentum. Love Life. Sense the action. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin are always dancing with waves of time. You are light, sound, taste, touch, heart and spirit. Track with change by respecting and using all 6 senses

Intuition is the elephant in the room that people don't talk about. We have access to it and usually ignore it. In fact, no one regrets trusting their 'gut feeling'. Intuitive thinking is traction with purpose, dreams, destiny and change. It's powerful.

With intuitive tools like courage, tenacity, foresight, dignity and curiosity, you track with what feels right, to connect with your dreams and purpose - and turn them into reality. There are secrets to living that you own. Notice what you sense and tune-in to intuitive connectionsFeel your sense of purpose. 

Traction with action is thought evolutionEnjoy the action and feel the traction. When energy no longer feels productive, or you space out or go off-track, it's common to feel the gift of an intuitive 'nudge'. Be thankful. Between what you sense and what you know is a bridge of truth.

Sometimes, momentum is a test of resilience and faith.  When you feel an intuitive nudge spark dignity in your heart, go for the thrill of self-respect. There is no substitute. Starlight will shine on you. Traction that brings success or happiness is not based on rigidity or control. What endures is an inner law of your being that points towards purpose. Don't be fooled. Comfort zones that are not refreshed become traps. 

An intuitive nudge is a head's up to reconnect with priorities. Follow the 'nudge' by noticing what you sense, what you feel and what you know. Sensual thinking is trusting pace and being responsible for following through. The truth is we need to hang on to what we need, who we are, and where we want to go - to get there. 

To balance priorities and clarity with passion, depend on all 6 senses. Don't ignore the elephant in the room. It's intuitive to stay connected with purpose, stability, safety, comfort, good health and love. Traction is continuity of balance and momentum. 

Connecting intuitively with purpose and priorities, creates a parachute of inner peace. It's your free zone for personal creativity. We don't control change, we track with it. Control is a myth. Reality is much too exciting to be controlled. Life is a journey.

You can never lose who you are. Your spirit is the patient intuitive nudge working to balance your dreams and drive. The inside of your heart is tattooed with love that brought you into this world. It holds your unique potential, destiny and personality. In fact, you are quite amazing. 

The journey of living is a dance of action/momentum/rhythm and soul. Be your highest potential no matter what you're doing. 

Sensual living is an appetite for peace and pleasure. It's awareness with purpose. Noticing what you sense is awesome. Imagine being aware and feeling how things come together. Imagine sensing  direction. The best journey is traction with action. It's playful and you are free. Balance is a sexy thing.  

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