Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Satisfying Needs

Needs are multidimensional. 
Change drives need. The path to success is unpredictable. Insights are created by the multidimensonal focus of sensual thinking. You can use it to transcend time and experience and solve needs. 

Just like we are always breathing, everything in the world and in our lives is always going through changes. Everybody gets unglued. We use sensual thinking to pull it back together. 
Don't ignore sensual needs. 

We need healing and satisfaction. Courage, curiosity, determination, dignity, honesty, humor and spontaneity are intuitive tools that become answers - easy inner strength, good timing,  and innovation. 

You demand a lot of yourself. You engage life  physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually. The conflict between real and ideal is constant. It’s organic.
Inner drive for change tunes to inner understanding and inspiration. Intuitively, we test boundaries to recognize and refresh our balance. 

The door opens to natural momentum as we sync with the big picture. Evolving is not always easy, but it's always enlightening. A sense of humor eats a sense of tragedy.

We tune-in with the power of intuitive values to ask ourself what feels right. The answer is not unexpected and the benefit of honoring your needs becomes a thrill.

What you sense expands natural focus so your thinking tunes to inner character that over-rides conventional dogma. There are 400 million people processing Life. We all need the liberating balance of character to say “No” when the moment feels wrong. 

A gentle, persistent kick centered in the gut that randomly goes down between your legs or up into your heart and spins around your head is a reality check to respect. The power link in the chain of Life potential for for each of us, is perspective. Without the links there are no connections and history repeats itself – leaving needs unanswered. 

Answers that matter satisfy feelings of purpose and destiny. Sense passions to notice links. Vibrations of change are sensual, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. Intuitive perserspectives transcend dogma, time and stress. Be focused to honor your heart, then be willing to act.

You can focus sensually and innovateEvery day is an opportunity to fall down and rise up stronger. The answer is in front of you. “Everybody is creative in the right context.”~ Alex Castellarnau

We individualize and share our reality and our needs. The point is to be your highest potential – with dignity and with love. That is intuitive living. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind is the multidimensional grasp of wisdom. Wisdom is simply understanding how things fit together. You can feel it. 

As ‘facts’change, so do needs. Your 6 senses are focused in sync with change and the big picture. Balance the shine of living by by depending on courage to honor your priorities. Be passionate. Keep moving and innovating to be your highest potential. Don’t be ruled by ideas you have learned. Needs happen in the present. Intuition is the gentle touch that keeps your platform fresh. 

All we need is Love.  


Monday, March 14, 2016

Love the journey.

Love the journey. We are changing from a world steeped in 'logic' and theory from the past, to a brave new world of innovation, continuity and momentum. Love Life. Sense the action. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin are always dancing with waves of time. You are light, sound, taste, touch, heart and spirit. Track with change by respecting and using your 6 senses

Intuition is the elephant in the room that people don't talk about. We have access to it and usually ignore it. In fact, no one regrets trusting their 'gut feeling'. Intuitive thinking is traction with purpose, dreams, destiny and change. It's powerful.

With intuitive tools like courage, tenacity, foresight, dignity and curiosity, you track with what feels right, to connect with your dreams and purpose - and turn them into reality. There are secrets to living that you own. Notice what you sense and tune-in to intuitive connectionsFeel your sense of purpose. 

Traction with action is thought evolutionEnjoy the action and feel the traction. When energy no longer feels productive, or you space out or go off-track, it's common to feel the gift of an intuitive 'nudge'. Be thankful. Between what you sense and what you know is a bridge of truth.

Sometimes, momentum is a test of resilience and faith.  When you feel an intuitive nudge spark dignity in your heart, go for the thrill of self-respect. There is no substitute. Starlight will shine on you. Traction that brings success or happiness is not based on rigidity or control. What endures is an inner law of your being that points towards purpose. Don't be fooled. Comfort zones that are not refreshed become traps. 

An intuitive nudge is a head's up to reconnect with priorities. Follow the 'nudge' by noticing what you sense, what you feel and what you know. Sensual thinking is trusting pace and being responsible for following through. The truth is we need to hang on to what we need, who we are, and where we want to go - to get there. 

To balance priorities and clarity with passion, depend on all 6 senses. Don't ignore the elephant in the room. It's intuitive to stay connected with purpose, stability, safety, comfort, good health and love. Traction is continuity of balance and momentum. 

Connecting intuitively with purpose and priorities, creates a parachute of inner peace. It's your free zone for personal creativity. We don't control change, we track with it. Control is a myth. Reality is much too exciting to be controlled. Life is adventure.

You can never lose who you are. Your spirit is the patient intuitive nudge working to balance your dreams and drive. The inside of your heart is tattooed with love that brought you into this world. It holds your unique potential, destiny and personality. In fact, you are quite amazing. 

The journey of living is a dance of action/momentum/rhythm and soul. Be your highest potential no matter what you're doing. 

Sensual living is an appetite for peace and pleasure. It's awareness with purpose. Noticing what you sense is awareness and feeling with your mind is understanding direction. The result is traction with action. It's playful and you feel free. Balance is a sexy thing.  

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Every conversation - even those without words - is a subtle energy groking experience. 

Groking is how you tune-in with your values, to people you don’t know – and people you do know. It’s the way you recognize courage and trust your power to know what matters in the moment. 

We 'grok' each other and our environments to connect with good timing and good people. Sensing is literal, groking is multidimensional perspective. We grok to sense danger or lies. 

Inside the frame of time, energy fields are rhythms of action and waves of change. Groking is the organic way to sync with change, peak personal potential and know Love.  We balance waves of Love and connection by thinking sensually. 

Did you ever stare at someone and they turned towards you? Have you noticed if you smile at someone, they smile back? Did you ever think you might hear from a friend, and you did. Everybody groks. We sense faster than we think. Right now, you are groking these ideas

Grok means to understand intuitively. Use you 6 senses to fine-tune what is realSensing will merge and blend energies to bring insights. It is automatic, not intellectual. You're doing it now. 

Think of your 5 senses as your 5 fingers and your palm as your 6th sense. Your fingers work together because of your palm. If you hurt your palm it's hard to pick up a glass. It is an enabler and connector. Intuition works like the palm of your hand. 

Intuition coordinates what you see with what you hear, taste, smell and touch and connects everything that you sense with your mind and your heart. If you ignore your 6th sense the other 5 senses cannot work to your fullest advantage. This leaves you physically, intellectually and emotionally handicapped.

While everything you sense is private, sensing is a universal blending of energies. Vitality, love, dignity and need are rhythms of soul, you naturally grok. Without warning something or someone touches under your skin. Without thinking, you touch back. Sensual living is noticing the touch. Groking brings perspective. We naturally grok balance, Justice, Love, safety, opportunity and passion. 

The word 'grok' is from the 1961 sci-fi novel, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. Today we are talking less and sensing more to communicate better. We intuitively understand, share and merge energies when we text. With spontaneous sensual collaboration, we put our heads, hearts, bodies and souls together and enter a moment. Every time you grok, you sync with timing and roll with change. Groking, like sensual thinking is trusting the power of being in the moment with the big picture in focus. 

Groking is an intuitive call-out for loyalty to soul passions that are foundations for spiritual happiness. Trust the voice of your soul to restore dignity and health to your choices. What the soul aches for is not objective or emotional. We intuitively seek connections that bring inner balance with shared boundaries of Justice and dreams. We ache for a deeper love, a private spiritual sense of connection with each other that defies intellectual description. 

We automatically grok timing, boundaries and openings to feel our place in the constantly changing landscape of being. Every thing is an opportunity to grok. Thinking sensually takes the big picture and reframes it with intuitive values that cultivate courage, tenacity and dignity. Use 6 senses to feel power shifts of challenges and change and to maintain connections that bring confident joy to your moments. 

Balance opportunities for creative solutions and collaborations that build relationships by groking what you sense with what you feel and what you know. By groking you will recognize an answer that reveals a bigger, more complete picture. Stay curiousRemember, if you can't find what you want, you're not looking in the right place.

The Truth is a great flirt and a shameless show-off. Grok to feel it. Let yourself be seduced. 
Be cool. Dignified choices lead to courageous decisions.
The future is unlimited.
Destiny is everywhere - inside your head, in the electronic cloud, in your heart, at your finger tips, on the tip of your tongue, in your eyes and around the next corner. Searching for harmony, peace and joy we try to know each other and Life is still mysterious! Everyone intuitively notices and shares energy. Think with your senses to know what's real. Feel with your mind to tune-in to what matters. Grok it.

Immediate ways to get benefits by by groking:
to Feel Joy: Appreciate what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell
to Find Satisfaction: Be Patient with yourself and use Tenacity to follow through.
to Know Peace of Mind: Be intuitive. Fine-tune your senses. Respect your soul.
to Enhance your Memory: Practice Gratitude. 
for Self - Control: Trust yourself and honor that trust.
to Feel Momentum: Forgive. Breathe, feel dignity.
to Be Turned-On: Be True to Your heart.