Saturday, May 13, 2017


You are the dream and the dreamer. 

Imagining is intuitive backup for creating change. When we imagine with open eyes, ears, mind and heart - we become brave. Even simple dreams require creative courage.

We dream when we're happy and when we're sad. Dreaming renews excitement, heals worry and drives away fear. Dreams and imagining  drive understanding that becomes action.

What you imagine is a portal to potential. What you sense with your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin and heart defies the status quo to steer reasoning. Sensing potential is the transparent, vibrational and collaborative way to create the future.  Feel with your mind to sense direction. Think with your eyes, see with your heart, listen to your gut.

Sensual thinking is the organic boost of creative  insight. It is intuitive courage that, like healing or passion reaches beyond limits of logic. Life is simple but not logical. Perhaps that is why we are born with dreams and desires. Imagining is our ability that frees us to see beyond the obvious.

Connect with peace of mind. When long-term priorities are clear, purpose stays in focus and choices are easy. Sensing drives us to take action by recognizing immediate needs within the bigger picture. Imagining, powered by passion, is intuitive and not limited by problems, dogma, time, responsibilities or stress. Your imagination is a free pass to personal excellence.

You imagination is amazing inner freedom. Use it to soar with desire, love and need because it's bringing you answers. Be curious. Feel and imagine boundaries with curiosity, courage, dignity and patience. These transparent boundaries of daily life keep communication open and the big picture in focus. Imagining is our spontaneous way of making connections to understand, collaborate and sooth. No matter how predictive Life gets, the spark of spontaneity cannot be co-opted.

Set ways of thinking, like logic or psychology, push us to adjust rather than create. Imagining is creative courage. Our minds are intuitively multidimensional. Curiosity and courage hold things together. Sensing with your mind and heart leads to quantum leaps between imagining and being.

Evolution upsets the status quo. We can grit our teeth or smile about it. Life has a sense of humor that the status quo tries to tone down. Being alive is mind-blowing. Love is the tantalizing touch of clarity that zings and mellows. Flavor, texture and timing keep connections real and tuned to fun. Dreams and ambitions are the soul connections with joy. You imagine because you sense potential. Be bold.

Imagine resilience and purpose and you create dreams. Between reasoning and the deeper dimensions of who you are is destiny. Intuitive spontaneity, imagining and passions connect with purpose and love. 

The power to  change is the path of potential. Notice what you sense and remember dreams. Build what you can imagine. Imagine peace.

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