Sunday, June 12, 2016

Machines cannot love.

Life is a time-limited multidimensional gift. Open it. 

Don't check-out while you're still in.

Take control of your senses. Stamp your return ticket for freedom before turning your soul over to the machine. 

Sensuality is wings that lift and align our world. Notice your sensuality. Learn to fly.

Technology addiction is a dark and vacant trap. There is no dignity or rhythm in it. Live vibrantly with all six senses or end up in the bardo* of blur. 

Life satisfaction is the spark of soul. Live robustly in the preciousness of the moment. Commit to finding soul strength and pace every day.

Being alive is an extreme gift of potential and possibility. Trust your heart. Limit time in front of the screen. Machines don't love or find satisfaction. People do. Socialize with eye-contact. Your heart and soul are a gift for loving. Share humor and laughter. See beauty inside a moment. Make connections. Feel desire.  Seek justiceMachines are programed. We are creative, free to check in with reality by noticing what we sense. 

Sensing is thinking different. Hearing music takes us to another dimension.  We can see love and taste life with our lips, mouth, tougue and throat. Touch something soft. Hold something hard. Be physical. Have character. Machines are sterile and have no conscience. Sensuality is juicy

Turn away from the screen. It's the matrix. Screen addiction inhibits the magic of creativity and wonder of intimacy. No genius or great lover is addicted to the screen. Real life is the insane reality that VR is trying to perfect. It's freaky. Reminds me of the movie, The Matrix. The worse kind of bondage is when you don't know you're a slave. Know who you are. Notice where you are. Life is short. Don't get stuck inside the matrix of the machine. Put your phone away. Open your mind and heart to embrace the magic and momentum of the moment.

Live. Notice what you sense and the textures of your soul. You are amazing. Drift through desire. Make a wish. Cross boundariesTrust silence. Love. Have fun. Be braveLet your soul fuse with rainbows. 

Fall asleep smiling. Be held by eye-contact until you blink. You are so much more than your brain. Every life has purpose. Think about what you do. Every day is a time of choice that can change everything. 

Be your highest potential. If you fall, you fall. Life is beauty, pain, a comfort or insane. Living is sunlight, rain and rainbows. Real reality is more intense than VR. Don't let machines dull your joys or dreams. Turn away from screens. Turn your head toward the Light and find love.

In the 60's a lot of people took LSD, and while they were on it everything was clear to them. They talked the talk. BUT - when the drug wore off, the brilliance was gone and they were still 'unenlightened'. This is the same as keeping your head in the cloud and your reality glued to the screen. Don't waste your life-time. No matter what you do - if it's not real, you will never find what you need

Use the machine, don't become the machine. Your touch is sensual. Your eyes cry real tears. When you talk softly, people listen. Feel vibes. Tune-in to truth. Be in your zone. Stay with your soul, in touch with your character and values. Grok this vibrant time of choice. 

You deserve delight. Choose Freedom. Choose to Love. It's important to want what matters. That's how the road opens and dreams become reality. 

*bardo - Hell (Zen) 

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