Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Little Sugar

The Light of Time shines between, through, around and inside the jewel of humanity. We come together as  a collective moral force. Reality is virtual, literal, actual and spiritual. There is sweet personal power uniting us, connecting us all. 

On the stage of time, bouncing energy fields become rhythms of action and waves of LoveWe light up with the freedom of Truth and shine together with Justice

Our ability to sense what is right, to find connections and momentum, while riding lights of change is intuitive. Drive to gather and share love is ceaseless. 

Like the songs sez, we need each other. "Put a little sugar in my bowl.. common - save my soul. ... I ain't fooling.."~ Bessie Smith

Life is music. Responsibilities and desires are notes that nudge us to keep moving. We sense rhythms of curiosity, determination and passion and respond with our own drum beats of courage and truth

With every rebound we tune-in to melodies of connection and recharge our soul. Sensuality unlocks our moments pushing open doors to the future. We know what we need.

The internet frees us to think outside the box, true to what we sense. Inner truth is knowledge of the heart that can't be mentally mastered, learned or held. It is an infinite resource of protective, intuitive wisdom, always available. 

Intuitive tools like courage, dignity, curiosity and integrity are universal and ageless. We can rely on intuitive sensual thinking completely to point the way to the light that will whirl away darkness and fears.

Bouncing on the trampoline of Living we share energy for clarity, success and peace of mind. Prepare for the unexpected by thinking with your senses tuned to time, heart, mind and spirit. You are part of the magic.  

Sensuality enhances every experience. Perception is personal. A kiss is never just a kiss. 5 senses keep us tuned to the present, while our 6th, intuition, is a 24/7 reality check of connection, rejection, transparency, enthusiasm and opportunity. Sensual thinking arms us with an enlightened perspective of time, space, light and sweet Love.

Life is an interactive happening where we balance intuition with technology. Balance is a satisfying aphrodisiac that fills us with Love. Technology is giving us unexpected downtime (nano-seconds) to think sensually and grok* the show. Feel the bounce. Embracing change is an intoxicating leap on the trampoline of faith.

With faith, there is honor and we are brave. Share mojo and the light gets brighter. Intuitive thinking is a sensual kaleidoscope changing effortlessly with every breath. When you make it a habit to think with your senses and feel with your mind, it’s a sweeter world.

*grok - to intuitively understand

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