Friday, April 3, 2015

Natural Protection

Your 6 senses are a constant natural armor of connection, protection and balance. Intuition is natural protection tuned to our survival instinct. It sharpens our 5 senses enabling us to thrive with change. This is a season of change. Every person, plant and animal is stirred by the arrival of springAs we sync with the energy of the season, the feeling is so intense and contagious, we call it, Spring fever.

It's Spring and suddenly it's noble to smile more because the sun is shining. Energy is connection and timing - earthly, emotional and ethereal is reset. We're more industrious. Days are longer and spirits are high. Zany sunlight brings the unstoppable urge for personal freedom and love.

In April, life explodes with new shades of green and we blossom with it. Even though it takes work to bloom, springtime is saturated with amazement. Nature whispers encouragement to every form of life with seductive warm breezes and scented air. Join the party.

The spring season is a joyride of renewal. Don't fight it. Let the rain wash away your worries. Feel what's deeply right with your heart's heart. You are part of Nature and Nature is noble, industrious and courageous. Plant seeds of dignity and kindness in your life. Be available to live your dream. Notice what you notice. Feel your potential and trust your seasons with intuitive self-respect. Nature reminds us that whatever the problem is, it will change. 

Spring is an exciting, juicy nugget of forgiveness. Go outside and let sunlight kiss your head. Face the future with an open mind and open heart. Thrive with change by listening to your heartbeat and telling the truth. Find renewed strength of character in the wind's caress. Life is a dance. Put on your dancing shoes.

 If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” — Mark Twain 

Nature is our greatest teacher. Her seasons are theaters of freedom, mystery and passion. And every end has a new beginning. Nature teaches us to respond, rest, forgive and move forward to create the future. It’s easy.

Protect yourself by staying in-tune with change. The ride may be wild, but you will be clear about where you're headed. Think with your senses and feel with your mind to have natural protection. If you have spring fever, share it with a friend. 

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